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Status: active, in normal person mode but will still bully mobile users on sight

guys if you read this pls unfollow me to get notified on later builds
also discy server pls join owo

ok gamers so who am I?

  • I like planes (savage ik right)
  • big fan of lists and bullet points
  • I like mechanical things
  • I always download or play with a vehicle before upvoting
  • I am nice to people unless I'm not
  • yes I don't ever say anything good about build and only point out bad things but stfu
  • I have been blocked by 3 people (probably)
  • my favorite fruit is kiwifruit
  • cannot dogfight for my life
  • ye

also if you see my newest post is like 3 months old, that doesn't mean I left I'm probably still active I just post every time the DVD symbol hits the corner of the TV screen so yeah

my favorite things

  • aircraft: F4U Corsair, P-51 mustang, and F3H Demon
  • food: very cheesy pizza
  • prefers functionality over looks
  • bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb


Previously known as rexzion