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  • Uh Oh... 9 months ago


  • ideas for 1.9 12 days ago

    I rather have this:
    - Control surfaces with every available input. Including Throttle.
    - A new input h<X or h>X where h is the height and X is the altitude required for the input to work.
    - The ability to use XML to change the speed of the control surfaces' response time.
    - A new part "semi-circles".
    - The ability to create cosmetic twists without inlets.
    - Looping land below sandbox mode where the generator spawns land, trees, roads, railways, mountains, lakes, and finally buildings.
    - The ability to change the strength of rotators, shocks, pistons, and wheels through XML so custom landing gear doesn't have to weigh as much as Godzilla after Christmas break while the plane itself weighs nothing.
    - A higher range of wing values. Wings seem to disable themselves after any value that exceeds 200. That's bad when you are making heavy ships.
    - An XML value that creates a more effective airbrake. They can only do so much even if their input is beyond a decillion. (33 zeros)
    - A function that causes the sky to turn black at a 350,000ft.
    - An auto turret part that allows bombers to stand a chance.
    - Rims that are designed motorcycles and cars. Cause using military rims on a car or motorcycle just doesn't work.

  • What's That Pink Blob In The Distance? 7 days ago

    much plane
    so engine
    very fly
    many pink

  • where has the community gone? 8 months ago

    West Virginia...

  • Working Searchlight, But ugly :( 13 days ago

    Spotlights a Searchlight.

  • Will Simpleplanes ever be updated again? one month ago

    I'd like some rims.
    A control surface with the input Throttle
    As well as the fuselages 100% customizable like on C.A.D.
    Part savings would be insane. A thousand part build could be 40 parts.
    I'd also want the islands to be created exponentially like on "SimpleLand".
    Go far enough north and everything is snow, go far enough east (Like 30,000 miles) and the generated land loops. I think it would be cool if roads, runways, buildings, and trees were created using it too.
    Also, it would be cool to have more weather patterns and atmospheric conditions. I think it would be cool to see halfway across the world and to see the earth like on SR2, or just turn the sky black at a certain height.
    And the ability to create custom levels using your own designs as well as stock in-game crafts.

  • We should have the ability to remove successors that other people have made a blatant ripoff of 2 months ago

    If the successor is within 10 parts of the original part count, I do think the creator should have the option of deleting the successor.

  • PUBG or Fortnite? 8 months ago

    SimplePlanes 👌

  • Moderator Requirements? 3 months ago

    Some must haves I thought of.
    1. You must be a good person.
    2. You must be active in the community.
    3. You must be responsible
    4. You must know the rules by heart.
    5. You must be charismatic.

  • Map 9 months ago


  • Quiz) What company in the world makes games well? 9 months ago

    Ummm... Jundroo does a good job.

  • Why Can You Follow Yourself? 10 months ago

    It's so you get notified whenever you upload something.

  • Tips on building techniques with fuselage blocks? 11 months ago

    If you don't plan on making a hollow plane. (And there is a inlet or whatnot) use one fuselage that is visible on both sides to save parts and time.
    Wide block that is centre.
    The lower your part count, the easier it is to modify it later if it does not look right.
    Edit your plane many many times until you are satisfied with its look.
    Do not fly it until every cosmetic thing is done.
    Stay away from the fuselage cones, make your own cause it looks better.(if done right)
    use fuselage blocks as wings. (circular and not that thick) When its time to fly insert a wing in its position. Save room for the control surface.

    Use fuselage cones for wing tips, length 0.25. Save room for the control surface.
    Make custom landing gear, the in stock is not that good. Use fuselage blocks,
    shocks, rotator, and lastly a wheel.
    Use the nudging tool if the block does not fit.
    Make moving parts last.
    Create many fuselage sections to make your plane (or whatever you build) look smooth.
    A cockpit is over (usually) the fuselage so include 2 sections. A cockpit is not usually bigger then the fuselage. (for non hollow planes)

  • *flex* 3 months ago

    You should 3D print your Scout Eagle to see if it will come out good.

  • A little question about the website 10 months ago

    One of the worlds natural wonders. Who is following me?
    Well, look behind you. On SP, no you can't find out without hacking or something.

  • V-22 Osprey 11 months ago

    I found some whoopd'y do's
    Can't glide under 100MPH. (Dives into the ground)
    Gyro to strong for realism.
    Drag is way to strong.
    Auto roll right.
    Low vertical stability.
    When pitching it loses speed like crazy.
    Flaps seem to go over 45 degrees.
    NOT FUEL EFFICIENT. 2,000 Gal 5MIn worth 100% throttle.
    Sounds like a jet.
    There are a lot of positives about this aircraft, however I only pointed at the nagitives.
    PS. HOVER IS 19% NOT 20%
    With this you would load the cargo, fly 8 miles, and bail out.

  • 1.9 update ideas 6 days ago

    Let's not forget making MOPCKOEDNISHE a dev.

  • What can *mods* do one month ago

    Mods aid in the prosses of building or add to the game. Mods can be anything from a small skybox to completly re-worked water physics.
    Also "Mods" as in Moderators, moderate the site and keep everyone safe from the people who go against the rules. Moderators are users too, but they have more authority; so they are just more than the typical user. Mods can remove posts, ban users, edit peoples comments and posts, as well as everything else a normal user would be able to do.

  • How many islands are there? one month ago

    1. Wright
    2. Krakabloa
    3. Maywar
    4. Skypark City.
    5. Snowstone.
    6. Kraken.
      The mobile version does not include Maywar or Kraken.

  • Chinese characters... 2 months ago

    Someone accidentally set the wind speed to 200mph because

    I am totally blown away.


  • Things I think should be added to SP 7 months ago

    1. Try making an electric helicopter. There is no need for parts like that.
      Saying what you said tells me plenty enough about your skill.
    2. Just to see underwater.
    3. An option in the settings, yes.
    4. How about you join the rest of us by choosing Android, or PC.

  • Rest in Pineapples... 7 months ago


    You will be missed :'(

  • A forum made to make mean comments towards yourself. 8 months ago

    I waste space.

  • RailfanEthan strikes again 11 months ago

    How in the world do you get hit by a train?

    Especially that slow.

    You know it's on train tracks, it's loud, slow and you know you can't stop it...
    How do you accidentally fall in front of it.

    She all teleporting in front of it or something.

  • Tips for the new Simple Planes engineer 2 days ago

    Places the wings where ever. Whatever airfoil I think is good.
    Puts the engines where ever. Adjusts the CoM accordingly.
    Doesn't even touch the dihedral.
    Always uses a reverse delta wing design where the CoL is ahead of the CoM. Adds a counter.
    Places the vertical stabilizers near the rear, adds a counter.
    Builds electric engines.
    Never adds fuel.
    Always removes drag from the sides and mirrors parts.
    Stabilizes the craft until there are no issues.

  • How to get multiplayer on iOS 2 months ago

    I don't think that counts.

  • Where I Permanently Wanna Live When I Grow Up 2 months ago

    Builds a giant 3D printer next door to Jundroo

  • Yeah, perm banning me wont do anything, yep, WONT DO ANYTHING 3 months ago

    +100 accounts to the SP website later

  • What will be the 1.9 Update? 3 months ago

    I hope it will be a hollow fuselage that is more adjustable. Like the possibility to create semi-hollow fuselages. And the ability to create a hollow fuselage that has an option to add cargo doors like SR2

  • About me and why I feel bad 4 months ago

    Hang in there Konstantin.

  • FINALLY! 1.8 Feature we are expecting for so long. 4 months ago

    Good for landing gear too.

  • What I’m 4.0 years old but it’s 20 days early... what??? 5 months ago

    You time traveled... again.

  • Im board 5 months ago

    I'm plank.

  • Game Recommendation 6 months ago

    Yes, also a G-force bar too.

  • [!]New Project Alert[!] 7 months ago

    (☞゚ヮ゚)☞ Now bringing communism to South America. ☜(゚ヮ゚☜) ( ಠ ͜ʖರೃ)

  • STOP! It isn't Fair 9 months ago

    EMP makes F-35 crash. Repair cost $140,000,000
    EMP impacts Polikarpov PO2. Repair cost $100

  • Probably the best ever lego creation.... 10 months ago

    When people have to much time on their hands and lots of Lego bricks
    32 for an electric lego car with only Lego bricks. That just proves that Tesla is for real.

  • I’m back under a new account. Let me explain 11 months ago

    I'ma going to change my password now.
    I thought we were 100% safe being a tiny site.

  • Could I model a FPS scenario? 11 months ago

    FPS= First Person Shooter
    This post is not about.
    FPS= Frames Per Second
    If anyone by chance doesn't know.

  • Petition to limit users to ONE FORUM POST PER DAY one year ago

    I think we need to get rid of the upvote cool down.

    1. They do is slow us down
    2. They make us not want to upvote

  • Why can you block yourself? one year ago

    Blocking yourself....
    Imagine your looking at yourself in the mirror....
    Than all the sudden your mirror image walks away.... ha
    It ..... :P

  • Human stupidity amuses me. 2 days ago

    "Not designed to be safe, but designed to be money-making machines"
    This guy doesn't know how much it costs if even one plane goes down.

  • Variable fuselage 10 days ago

    @AndrewGarrison can you make MOPCKOEDNISHE a dev?

  • How do users limit speed on vehicles? 12 days ago

    maxAngularVelocity on the wheels, and or airbrakes that have an input of, v>X, where X is the speed it enables at in mph.

  • New Tags 2 months ago

    The tag would be very useful. :)
    My heaviest fuel less craft (Ignore the top speed) along with many others would finally have a tag no one could interpret wrong. I agree that there should be a tag such as that. :D

  • Im making a new tank 3 months ago

    It's missing the tracks.
    Obviously a design flaw...

  • [TUTORIAL] Easy methods to get a PLAUSIBLE replica maneuverability ! 3 months ago

    When you perform an "over maneuver" to get the tail loose and score a 0.2.

  • [Suggestion SP 1.8] Magnet Do They Have Poles? 4 months ago

    Are you trying to make an electric vehicle that is legit and works exactly as it should?

  • Coming Soon.. 5 months ago

    Thic 👌

  • New Physics on Resizable wheels and and the rest which is idk 5 months ago

    I agree that the resizeable wheels need to be able to withstand 10x more weight each without them weighing as much as Godzilla after Christmas break.
    Seriously though...