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A Canadian!. I will try to build all styles of crafts

**I have noticed grade 9 doesn't give you that much time to play or fool around on sp

Some active projects (way to much)

Un named jet 90%-->0% the wings are trash so I will re do them,maybe or scrap it
Oh I scrapped it I am making a redo that should be much better
1 year special 100% painting decision....
Baja truck 95%
Cessna looking plane 100%
Another Cessna plane 98%
Rescue helicopter 100%
Es cold blooded 100%
Rescue plane 100%
Water bomber 100%
Stunty plane 100%
Utv thing 68%
Arctic fox 7 100%
Anerapter... 100% uploaded!
Ranger 7 100% may change name)
Ta 177 100% uploaded as unlisted)
WW 1 plane 100%
A Sea plane 100%
Off road racing truck 100%
FF 100%
Helicopter .9. 100%
Mx vs atv helicopter 100%
Blimp 100% :D
Shark 0% may or may not start and finish

I like building but

sometimes I get WAY too many active projects

Honestly I am deeply sorry if I may hert your feelings or put you down
I try to help

If you look closely and observe I edit my comments and such alot
And I don't usually run out of ideas so if you need an idea talk to me

I think points bring to much responsibility

if I had to choose between points and quality
I would want quality