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Hello, I am an ISTP-A Virtuoso and I have Misophonia. I chose the username randomusername because of my sometimes spontaneous decisions and actions. I am currently 15, and I am in grade 10. I love saving parts to keep my builds mobile friendly and making them electric so you will never have to worry about my crafts running out of fuel. But my "company" is a private one, not public.
Most of my builds are now acronyms to make it sound more professional.
For example, TKS11 means "Truck Start 11". JTS8 means "Jet Start 8".
TKS11 is done.
JTS8 is done. (Created a guess the part count post)
And look at all those missiles!
A set of numbers that I find significant:
1200Y &102W &100P &202F @6:52/25/6/2019
Y, W, P, and F have met the criteria.