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Heads up warning, I'll be offline at 16/8/2019 And if you see this, I'm still gone.

Hey guys and welcome to my biography.
I try to only use what I need when building so I'm hoping you can use all my crafts. And those that move are always electric. When there is an alternative source of motion it's always worth investigating. My goal is to create a verity of electric crafts and I aim to get downloads; as well as create an enjoyable experience for the user. After all, this is a game and it's nice to have a few crafts to play with.
- ISTP-A Virtuoso
- Misophonian.
- Canadian
- 16 years old
- Performance>Looks
- Favorite song or this
- Favorite engine: The rotator based electric prop for its reliability.
Possible build list:
1) Something like this 2) A tank.
3) A cargo ship 4) A higher-quality aircraft carrier that weighs 1B pounds.
5) Flight simulator (Rotating drum) 6) Submarine.
7) F1 (Probably the Redbull F1) for the F1 challenge 8) Massive spaceship for challenge
9) Mechanical shark. 10) Mechanical Mech.
11) Spawnable Island (Requires bushplane, van, and Bell 206)
12) Learjet 13) Hot air balloon.
14) F-8
Current build:
Spawnable island. 32%, need to add roads and buildings.
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