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This Biography has been randomusernameified. -Active user here-
Hello. I'm Canadian, 15 years old and I use Android.
At the time I made my username I didn't know what to pick. I thought I'd give everything a try, so that's why my username is randomusername.
I build on a cabbage Android and I will try to save any parts possible while keeping the quality high and usually electric. =^-^=
My mottos:
If it's there, it has a purpose.
Cosmetics first physics later.
Realistic is my goal. Because one day, I'll start building realistic fictional, until that day comes I'll build based off of real things. -Entered October 22nd.

It turns out 18 of my vans equals the 600 part car.

PS. Don't upvote my builds. They are overrated enough as it is.

Better start speeding