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Inactive until further notice.
Hello and welcome to my biography.
I'm Tiffany; I'm 16 and my username is randomusername.
- ISTP-A Virtuoso
- Misophonian.
- Canadian
- Designs on Android.
- Likes electric stuff.
- Too serious.
- 16 years old.
- Favourite movie: Moana.
My style:
I try to communicate ideas or thoughts through builds that have meaning to me. When it comes to designing, it is like an art form for me. Electric is fun, imo, because it's a challenge to make sometimes and there's always something to be improved upon.
Possible build list:
- Designer's house.
- ACS-63 (Hydroplane)
- CRS-16 (Muscle car)
Current build:
ACS-62 100%
TRCS-21 100%
HCS-28 100%