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Hello, I am an ISTP-A Virtuoso and I have Misophonia. (I am 1 in 300,000)
I chose the username "randomusername" because of my sometimes spontaneous decisions and actions. I am currently 15, and I am in grade 10. I love saving parts to keep my builds mobile friendly and making them electric so you will never have to worry about my crafts running out of fuel. My "company" is a private one. Not public, that being said, just ask to be tagged to my builds if you see a forum post available.
Currently (7:33 PM, April 22nd ) I am making an Aircraft carrier.
Planned to be one billion pounds and powered by ten concept electric engines. (20 parts) I've just started the hull so... I have nothing to show for.
I estimate the total part count will be around 260 parts.