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Hello and welcome to my biography.
Yes, fuselage art 2 is based on a picture of me. I'm 16 and my username is randomusername. I've been here 3 years and ever since I started posting, I knew what I signed up for; I just hope I can pull it off. I don't want to end up writing something I would later come to regret. And when I am building, I try to only use what I need so I hope you can use all my crafts. I dare to be different and to do what no other has done before. I'm willing to gamble and to take chances, but not everything goes my way.
- ISTP-A Virtuoso
- Misophonian.
- Canadian
- Believes strongly in terminology.
- Designs on Android.
- One of the few electric builders of SimplePlanes.
- 16 years old
- Performance>Looks
- Favorite movie: Moana
My style:
As simple as possible but the shape is everything. It doesn't matter about the small details, it's the bigger picture that matters most to me. I want to keep my builds as mobile-friendly as possible while not sacrificing anything. I also want to make my crafts electric because I believe they would be more economically friendly if they were to exist in real-life.
Possible build list:
Some type of car.
Designer's house.
Current build:
No active projects.
47000M 8000M2 2400K & 283W
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