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Hey wazzah its ya boi LJay.

Welcome to Macgravel industries and manufacturing co. Where we we make all kind of vehicles from luxury and sports to military and business vehicles

Here at this company we make simple yet complex vehicles that anybody from any device can enjoy since im on a android phone.
So dont complain that if i make a replica of a vehicle and it doesnt look 100% atleast it has some details that you can pick out from the real counterparts.

Here are the large parts of Macgravel-
Macgravel car manufacturing
Mitas military equipment manufacturer
Macgravel military and navy
Macgravel defense team

The shallow parts of macgravel has different set of vehicle types-
M= truck and suv's
F= sports, super, and hyper cars
L= luxury cars (closed)
TB-K= IFV's and APC's
TB-R= tanks(heavies, lights, medium and modern)
E= Electric sports cars
EM= Electric trucks and SUV,s

For poeple who experiment with thing
This the company= Black Dire Corporation (BDC)