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<-------- Yeah, apparently that's how many follow me


People I know of:

rexzion: Annoying but if you can get along with him he's very fun

Brians1209: IDK how to describe them

Cyan(XP): Good guy

Suckmint(nice new name): He might sound harsh, but when you get to be a bit more "closer" he's very friendly

Kenneth with more Ns: Very great guy! Always has your back(well not really literally)

WiiMini: WiiWiiTheDaddy

SodiumChloride: Mic eating ASMR You'll get it if you know him on discord... ZZZ

Edensk: Big brain

X4JB: Big brain as well

RuvienTheCitizen: Well, we seem to be able to understand each other mo matter what sort of "language" we speak

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Very first build on the site


Reached Silver: I don't remember

Reached Gold: I don't remember

Reached Platinum: Yeah this time for sure I'll remember

Stuff about me:

  1. I'm irrational
  2. I'm different online and in person
  3. I'm lazy
  4. I'm cute(obvs a lie)
  5. I'm a woman
  6. I'm a cat lover
  7. I make music
  8. I'm partially good at making interiors
  9. I'm an unofficial manga artist(I basically make mangas of some books I read)
  10. I'm not clinically depressed but have anxiety
  11. My only good memory is being the only tall person in class
  12. I like planes
  13. I love spicy food
  14. I'm psychotic apparently(From an online test)
  15. I'm about to delete my account
  16. I have a bit of ADHD
  17. e
  18. My vision is dissaturated
  19. I have 3 cats
  20. I am who I am
  21. Yes
  22. No
  23. You still reading?
  24. What about a story?
  25. Once upon a time
  26. The end
  27. 28 had a spoiler, had to remove it
  28. No. 15 was a joke
  29. Or is it?
  30. 1
  31. Ah yes
  32. The floor is made out of floor
  33. Month
  34. Yeah I made this for readers
  35. I'm surprised you're still reading
  36. Left
  37. There's something wrong
  38. 32
  39. Can you feel it?
  40. Never
  41. Gonna
  42. Rick Roll you
  43. U thought?
  44. 35
  45. End
  46. 48
  47. Memento Mori

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