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Well ah-oh I'm not avialible on weekdays and Saturdays currently so sorry

I love sunrise. I love the night. I love the day. I love the planets.
Je loveen le risé de sol. Je loveen de la nacht.
Je lovin a ouis weltte a système, righteoutcý et ordélle...

The United Federation of Nicro collection

^Bubble the amoeba


Projects about to finnished-----
EF-30, Need ECM, Armament et some RAF decals,
M1, Still got a lot of things to do eh? Stablizer, the XM725 gun, the maschinegwehr, the whole turret eh? Idc.
F4C, Loooots of things too... but at least I got a flyable hull. So do the EF.
When will I publish them?
-"Well you'd better wait 'til the A(ndrew)-Team fininshes 1.10 beta et publish them. And then I will test my crafts if they work, If they work fine, then I'm gonna make the screenshot and publish ASAP.
(Reduces volume) ---And I've got a secret. I'm not gonna abondon that M72 stuff. I'm gonna re-scale it to correct scale as it should be, and add things like stablizers that a tank needed. And.... re-publish them as a newer version. Of course the autocredit will link 2 the original one. So do the 113 I thin....k?


the Micrinan Solar System, the heart of my intrestellar civilization.
---Micrine, the sun. A yellow-orange main sequence star.
--Merci, Vulcan-Sutharia, Micro, Martia-Sutharia: 4 smaller rocky planets in the inner system. All habited by Sutharians and Microians.
--Hyperion, Kinowitz, Aura, Oceanei: 4 bigger gas giants in the outer system. They have habited moons and really beautiful. Inner 2 are colorful and outer 2 are blue.
--Other outer objects: They are too cold to habitat. However the Union of Micro still built bases et outposts on some of them.
-Luna: The only moon of Micro. Habited, Its oceans are blue and purple, its lands are green.
-Fobos and Deemos: Moons of Martia. They have spaceports built on them and Fobos is a problem. It's descending slowly and surely will crash into Martia in the future.
-Halenpoti, Moborilyn, Galieo and Scotia: 4 largest moons of Hyperion. All of them are habited. Hyperion has 103 natural satelites in total but only 4 largests are colonized.
-Titan: The only colonized moon of Kinowitz. But it's larger than any other moons including luna, it's an important planet in the whole union. Kinowitz has 32 moons in total.
(Aura has 53 moons in total but none of them habited. Some spacedock were built on its orbit though)
-Synthsvalley: The only moon of Oceanei. Colonized by the synthetics and plays an important rule in the union history.



If you're finding me on Users page, I'm on idk where or which page i am too.
I play Stellaris, Minecraft, Simpleplanes and Wargame: Red Dragon for designing my own universe's stories.
Some of ideas come from Star trek.
Jundroo can't you fix the bug of biography editing pleaassseeee?

L'Voilevueme II - 1957-1999 Decolonizetcion et confliectere globalle secondus.
Ah-oh I'got some DCI dudes over there

Previously known as UFNNICF5TF, BubbleLukasie