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I am a moderator of the website, just tag me if you need any help. I’m the not-so-proud most comments ever holder with 20000+ comments in my time here. Below is a muddle if what other moderators think is funny, and it really is funny. Tbh they really need to change them but whatever. I'm just kidding, it's actually me talking about myself in third person, while posing as other mods.

I also definitely don't abuse my mod powers with other mods on the site by changing their build tags to completely unrelated things - Batman

Stop featuring your own planes!
-With love, Med <3

Yeah right, he's such a noob.

When was the last time you checked your bio?
- OvenBakedPotato

I will find you, and I will ban you
- Tully

no you won't
- OvenBakedPotato

Squirrel you nut muncher!
- Tully

I'm sorry Squirrel, I didn't mean to insult you like that. You're a nice moderator really... Honest
- OvenBakedPotato

I also love bananas, throwing cheese at innocent puppies and eating moist food with my mouth open on the train, but only when it's full of people and/or I'm sitting next to someone. - Definitely Tully

Mod Mod
- Mod

The mod above has limited vocabulary and can only communicate in a series grunts
- Tully

And here we have the Lesser Spotted Tully pecker, here in its natural habitat, the Tully pecker can be found moderating the simpleplanes website, hunting for the Common I copius Planeicus. The Tully Pecker has a high hunting success rate and often annoys the Red Squirrel by clearing the mod queue of all lifeforms before the Red Squirrel gets the chance.