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I am Tully2001, a random guy from Britain who likes planes. I like to think that my planes are good but that is for you to decide.

Here are some tips:

1. Take apart other people's planes. Learn from how it works and how they built it. Don't do it on just one plane though, do it for a few. You'll start to pick up new tricks which help quite a lot. Do it if you find a really cool plane too. You don't have to be new to find new tricks.
2. Don't beg for upvotes, it just gives a bad impression on you. Take an upvote like a surprise. When you get one be thankful. Just think that someone has gone and stopped looking through creations and decided to upvote yours.
3. Take screenshots in a way that you can see the whole plane up close. Use good angles and show unique features like custom gear for example. Do it while keeping the whole plane in the picture though. Also, don't keep reusing the same angles for all planes. Go from the top, front and back for the main picture. Get practice too and learn from others
4. Add a description to the creation. It just adds a little more to a plane and shows you like it. Yes, you may like and not give a description but it's always nice to see one.
5. Take time and effort on builds. The more effort you use, the better the build.
6. Be nice to others. Trust me, if you're kind and happy to another, they'll be kind and happy back. This will give you a good impression and then more people will like you. Even if you're in a bad mood, try and be nice to others. After all, would you want a bad impression on a stranger?

What I enjoy doing:

I enjoy making fighter jets and occasionally a replica. Most of my new planes are for the TAF(Tully Air Force). The reason I like to do this is so that I can make up some descriptions that are full of terrible jokes. I don't care though as I think it gives the planes a little bit of charecter.

What I don't like doing:

I don't like to make big things. They get on my nerves because they take up the creator space and it's annoying when you can't zoom out further. I think I have only made 1 big plane. It was a complete failiure but it still flew.

What I plan to do in the future:

I am planning to become a pilot. Well since I enjoy planes and this game so much, I think it's rather suiting that I want to become a pilot.

What am I doing right this moment?

A ground attack aircraft, similar to an A-10

FAQ's(Not really asked but I may as well answer some common questions)

Do you .xml mod? Yes.
Can you make me this certain plane? No. I build what I want to. Make it yourself
Can you do this .xml request? Eventually. Please don't beg because I do have a life.
Are you religious: No.
Are you hosting a Multiplayer Server: No. I make a post when I am so look out for that.
Can you make this mod for Android: No. I really don't want to un-install Unity and re-install it for a 3rd time in a row. It's taking up to much memory(P.S. If anyone wants to make it for Android, just ask. I'll give you the Unity File and make you a contributer)
Will you ever leave: Yes, only when the game dies though and no one is active anymore.
What is my favourite colour: Yellow
Well, I think that solves most of your problems. Good bye!