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Ayy lmao

I can't always help

I am Tully2001, a random guy from Britain who likes planes. I like to think that my planes are good but that is for you to decide.

What I enjoy doing:

I enjoy making fighter jets and occasionally a replica. Most of my new planes are for the TAF(Tully Air Force). The reason I like to do this is so that I can make up some descriptions that are full of terrible jokes. I don't care though as I think it gives the planes a little bit of charecter.

What I don't like doing:

I don't like to make big things. They get on my nerves because they take up the creator space and it's annoying when you can't zoom out further. I think I have only made 1 big plane. It was a complete failiure but it still flew.

What I plan to do in the future:

I am planning to become a pilot. Well since I enjoy planes and this game so much, I think it's rather suiting that I want to become a pilot.

What am I doing right this moment?

Building a Gen 2 fighter jet(Similar to a F9F)

FAQ's(Not really asked but I may as well answer some common questions)

Do you .xml mod? Yes.
Can you make me this certain plane? No. I build what I want to. Make it yourself
Can you do this .xml request? Eventually. Please don't beg because I do have a life.
Are you religious: No.
Are you hosting a Multiplayer Server: No. I make a post when I am so look out for that.
Can you make this mod for Android: No. I really don't want to un-install Unity and re-install it for a 3rd time in a row. It's taking up to much memory(P.S. If anyone wants to make it for Android, just ask. I'll give you the Unity File and make you a contributer)
Will you ever leave: Yes, only when the game dies though and no one is active anymore.
What is my favourite colour: Yellow
Well, I think that solves most of your problems. Good bye!