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Belli Dura Despicio!!!

Woohoo, Warspite Go Divine Marksman

Tsuchii Is The Girls Und Panzer: Little Army I & II Author lol, My Favorite One At That, So I Decided To Well... :p

-Forums That May Help You-

-Inventor Of And First To Make In SP-

So There Exist Two Alliances:

We Are Inviting People To Join Us Below The Wing Of Trislandian Alliance, Just Remember, That I Despise War Unless You Bring One To Me, Anyway, Godspeed Y'all Good Fellas, Signing Off.

I Am The New Eggship Master

Malam Senja

Current Eggfleet Admirals

One Of The Shenanigans I Did Cause I Can:
9km Of Runway
Torpedobeat That!!
Arright MeeM
When A Little Carrier Is Better Than A Modern Fleet
And My Trademark

What You Should Know About Me:
- I'm 16 Years Old And I Live In Indonesia
- Have Tried On Building Planes And Now Builds Both Instead
- Lazy And Unmotivated At Times, But Not


  • KRI Iri Hati(Envy) Submarine Aircraft Carrier(77%): Postponed, Plane Problems
  • Malam Senja Class Heavy Airborne Battleship(0%): On Halt
  • Lil'plane-7 " Lytigan"(65%): On Halt, Interior, Wings, And Engine Is Left
  • KRI Bromo Monitor Warship(20%): On Halt
  • Space Fleet Program: On Halt
  • Navy Reinforcement Program: Ongoing

    • (Production) KKI Type-1 Versatile Combat Corvette
  • Eggship Requests

    • IJN Yamato
    • USS Iowa
    • KMS Bismarck
    • USS Arleigh Burke
    • KMS Manfred Von Richthofen
    • IJN Takao/Atago
    • HMS Nelson
    • HMS Victory
    • USS Laffey
    • kaiten

Animas Are A Human(Anime) Version Of A Combat Vehicle, Im Specialized In Naval Animas, For Air Force Animas, Check @DarkMarble1

About [Production] & [Individual]

• [Production] •
Refers To A Mass Produced Combatant And Or Anima Clones, Usually Found As Light Ships Like Patrol Boat And Frigates

• [Individual] •
Refers To An Special Type Of Ship, Usually Made In Limited Numbers, Individuals As They Say Is An Anima Of A Single Relatively Big Ships Like Light Cruiser Or Carriers

• [Production-Individual] •
Usually A Rare Case, [Production Individuals] Are Animas That Possess And Control Clones Of Themselves, The Nature Of One Mind Makes It Easier To Organize And Fight If Compared To [Individuals] Or [Production] Types


  • Bronze: Passed, Reward Collected
  • Silver: Reached, Reward Collected
  • Gold: Reached, Proud
  • Platinum: Lmao, I Reached It Around Six Months, :poggers:

Lifetime Achievements

  • I Reached Plat At Last, Streak Upvoted From 24.9k And Got Blasted To Plat By @Tsampoy

I Trademarked My Motto And Quote, Which Is:

Aim High You Trailblazing Flutes, Godspeed.

I Also Like This:
Nunquam Non Paratus
In Latin: "Never Not Ready"

Previously known as NavalBlaze, NBTamata, Kaiteniisan