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I'm Baack!!

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I'm Resting

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Belli Dura Despicio!!!

Woohoo, Warspite Go Divine Marksman

Tsuchii Is The Girls Und Panzer: Little Army I & II Author lol, My Favorite One At That, So I Decided To Well... :p

-Forums That May Help You-

-Inventor Of And First To Make In SP-

So There Exist Two Alliances:

We Are Inviting People To Join Us Below The Wing Of Trislandian Alliance, Just Remember, That I Despise War Unless You Bring One To Me, Anyway, Godspeed Y'all Good Fellas, Signing Off.

[ Warship Tier Classification ]

okay, first and foremost this is MY goddamn classification, i do not vibe with people who thinks their favorite ship should be a tier higher, its my classification, its my rule, underthefkinstand? ok anyway.

  • T1 Ships

    they are usually the lesser known not so much impressive combat records ships or old pre-WW1 Ships, or my most hated ship idk, point is they are on the bottom of the food chain and can be eaten easily if pitted against higher tiers, for example: Liberty Cargo Ships or SMS Deutschsland Pre-Dreadnoughts

  • T2 Ships

    they are usually the less lesser known ships with little or atleast decent combat service record, ships of this tier is atleast half if not a decent fighter to oppose against, for example: the IJN Kawachi or the SMS Nassau Dreadnoughts

  • T3 Ships

    Ships in this tier are in the middle ground of the tier classification, they either boast great or good enough combat potential or service record, for example: IJN Kuma Light Cruiser or SMS Baden Dreadnought

  • T4 Ships

    On this tier, they are either one of my favorite ships or one that has a very good combat capability or service record, ships of this tier will be mostly from WW2 with some exception because of my favoritism. examples for this tier are: I-15 Aviation Submarine or HMS Warspite

  • T5 Ships

    They are if not, the famous ships that everyone would know of or heard the names, i personally dont have much favorites on T5 but lets just set that aside, examples: KMS Bismarck(u gae if you think bismarck is equal to iowa or yamato) or HMS Ashanti Destroyer

I Am The New Eggship Master

Malam Senja

Current Eggfleet Admirals

One Of The Shenanigans I Did Cause I Can:
9km Of Runway
Torpedobeat That!!
Arright MeeM
When A Little Carrier Is Better Than A Modern Fleet
And My Trademark

What You Should Know About Me:
- I'm 17 Years Old And I Live In Indonesia
- Have Tried On Building Planes And Now Builds Both Instead
- Lazy And Unmotivated At Times, But Not


  • Malam Senja Class Heavy Airborne Battleship(0%): On Halt
  • Lil'plane-7 " Lytigan"(65%): On Halt, Interior, Wings, And Engine Is Left
  • KRI Bromo Monitor Warship(20%): On Halt
  • Space Fleet Program: On Halt
  • Navy Reinforcement Program: On Halt

    • (Production) KKI Type-1 Versatile Combat Corvette
  • Eggship Requests

    • IJN Yamato
    • USS Iowa
    • KMS Bismarck
    • USS Arleigh Burke
    • KMS Manfred Von Richthofen
    • IJN Takao/Atago
    • HMS Nelson
    • HMS Victory
    • USS Laffey

Animas Are A Human(Anime) Version Of A Combat Vehicle

Previously known as NavalBlaze, NBTamata, Kaiteniisan