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Well, my name is Trijets, and I have been playing simpleplanes for a while, I just made an account around 2 years ago, but I have been playing long before then. Time flies. It is already 2 years. I am a 13 year old dude who fell in love with aviation with no apparent reason but just the fact alone that flight is cool, the closest we can really ever get to magic ;) Anyways, I am learning how to create builds better and better every day, and I usually post a plane whenever I feel like it, no apparent schedule. Hope you enjoy my builds, and yeah! Good day!

Projects I want to make:

-Bird Innovator

-Boeing 747 Dreamlifter


-Pzl Belphegor

-Sukhoi Su-9

-Mil Mi-10K

-Learjet 23

-Fictional airliner (Current name: Regional 400)

-Fictional Italian Fighter-Bomber (Current name: Fiat G-57 Serie III)

-Another, less memey challenge

These are just planned projects, this does not mean these are guaranteed to come out. These are just projects that I am willing to do.

Ongoing challenge:

Greta Thunberg challenge