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  • What are the points for? 4 months ago

    Point n. pl; points

    • An energy source used solely by the species known as "Simple-Planeians". They were created by a mysterious, all powerful 5-in one being known as "The Jundroo". Legend has it that they evolved from an ancient 5-star rating system, although little is known about this obselete form of Internet gratification. Points give these "Simple-Planeians" motivation to complete their builds, and satisfy their need to justify the long hours this species spends devoted to their pursuit. Points also grant these beings different ranks; noob, not-as-much-of-a-noob, Goldies, and finally; shiny-bois. All SimplePlaneians strive to achieve this honorable position of power, but are then still pestered by the other ranks to help with random stuff.

    However, in the grand scheme of things, points have been proven to be worthless (don't tell anybody)

  • [TSAD] Airbus A380-800 Lufthansa 7 months ago

    "Andrew Gerryson nudes"
    good God man...

  • How do i become a moderator 3 months ago

    @Landonmo1129 the position of moderator is given by the devs to users who they trust and who have obeyed the rules of the site for a long time. The volcano sacrifice ceremony is optional, but common. Mods have a red rectangle next to their name with "mod" in place of their point count. The red symbolizes the sacrificial blood

  • Change my mind one month ago

    I believe you've got it inverted;
    everybody else is better than jake paul

  • Google Translate Shenanigans 4 months ago

    @Mostly the question is;
    how many points is QingyuZhou points

  • SR2 Release Date! 6 months ago

    Pretty sure that's Early Access, but still,


  • RF-8 (GAZ-98) Aerosan 8 months ago

    Communist Pingu strikes again!

  • I NEED MODS!!!!!!! one month ago

    Don't complain to Jundroo. Blame Apple's policy against mods

  • Current project: B-52 5 months ago

    "I spent a lot of time on the cockpit"... Understatement of the century

  • The most evil moderator. 6 months ago

    You know what's more evil than the evilest mod?... The 667th follower

  • Please stop doing this 10 months ago

    @FishMiner Presentation of the aircraft is very important, if the creator is proud of their build, they can make an interesting description about it. It doesn't mean that they're being scummy, they aren't setting a bad example. They aren't milking it, they are simply telling people about their creation, which could have taken months to build

  • Pushing to silver 4 months ago

    Don't beg for upvotes. It's a surefire way to be sure to get no upvotes

  • I wonder how many of us will continue to play SP after SR2 releases 5 months ago

    crosses arms across chest


  • I’m brand new 7 months ago

    1. With wings, make "fuselage wings" to start out (check some of my aircraft, like the BF-109 and the Gloster Meteor to see what they are)
    2. Unless you're on IOS (which doesn't support modding), go to the "Mods" page, click on one, click "Download", and then "Open". It will bring you to the SP Mods menu, and make sure the one you just downloaded is marked "enabled"
    3. Most people in the community are very nice. I would say the SP community is very supportive of new users.
    4. On an aircraft page, scroll down to below the comments section, and click the orange "Upvote" button
    5. Go read the rules (under the "Stuff" tab)

      Welcome to SP!

  • A story about a little girl and a shopkeeper 10 months ago

    Very good! When you think about it, the story and it's implied meaning really make sense, you could even go as far as calling it a parable. The shopkeeper is God, the ants and the colony are the world, and even though God gives us all we need, we still fight over pointless things (idk you might disagree, just my opinion)

  • ok this is epic 25 days ago

    @RailfanEthan I hope you mean A-10 gang

  • Incredibles 2 Request one month ago

    Try building it yourself, that's an easy way to grow your skills

  • Why the current system of our site is not fair. one month ago

    I believe you're missing the point, partially. Upvotes shouldn't matter that much. Building for fun is more the purpose of the game. Besides, you fail to take in other facts. Screenshot presentation quality? Time of uploading? Part count?

  • Type 95 Light Tank Ha-Go 2 months ago

    Nice tank, horrendous first screenshot. You should've used the last one first

  • December 7th, 1941. But I'm not here to talk just about that 3 months ago

    I had a guy say "who cares" to me when I was like "Hey it's Pearl Harbor remembrance day"

  • The INDISPUTABLE evidence that SimplePlanes IS dead 3 months ago

    I want half upvotes

  • How To Get MORE Upvotes 5 months ago

    Double car? suuuurrreeee that's a great idea!
    Two heli blades overlapping each other? Even better!

  • What in the heck 8 months ago

    "...evil forces of the enemy leader, codenamed BaconEggs..."
    says the one with a tactical laser system airliner

  • Did abhinav leave?! 9 months ago

    Yeah, I just tried going to his profile, same thing happened.


    We have lost a great player today

  • Please take a moment of silence for our fallen Thunderbird pilot. 11 months ago

    Rest in Peace. He will be remembered by all, especially those who saw the Thunderbirds fly

  • Simple_Land 18 days ago

    The best part of this? The fact that you got all the devs to upvote

  • I Need Your Help: Can We Make This The Most Popular Trumpet on SimplePlanes. And Here is Why one month ago

    Not gonna assume, but this sounds kinda like upvote begging... I understand that you feel that your creation is better than the other trumpet, and I feel the same way about some of my planes respective to others of the same type, but just don't ask for people to "make it the most popular"

  • Ga.212 Seabrook one month ago

    @TheOwlAce chill, it was a joke, I was mirroring the comment before. A lot of anime is bad, some of it downright terrible, but some is good. I personally don't watch any anime but my friends do and they show me a lot from various shows they're watching. That video was great.

  • Weather be on crack rn... one month ago

    Well the wind chill is gonna be -60 tomorrow with an actual temp of around -20 here in Wisconsin tomorrow

  • Important question 2 months ago

    I think it was because of Othawne's challenge. You should continue, your biplanes are great!

  • WATER-WORLD! 3 months ago

    Does anyone but this mysterious modder know the secret?
    Also why would he not tell people?

  • VTOL fun: SP Towers 3 months ago

    Yep, I've been having a lot of fun with that Harrier, it's truly amazing!

  • V-22 Osprey 6 months ago

    @Chancey21 I know, I'm talking about the quality of the build structure itself, not replica exactness. This guy obviously knows how to use the SP parts, he just could've done better making it look more like the real thing

  • Ok then... 8 months ago

    Some conspiracy theorists are just seeking attention, but some are actually stupid enough to believe what they say

  • Douglas C-47 Skytrain 8 months ago

    Awesome job! Ever think about making a military paint scheme version?

  • QC-12.121 Heavy 8 months ago

    AAH! Part count warning
    and registration

  • SR2 posts 8 months ago

    I don't even know what to say

  • SimplePlanes Multiplayer 8 months ago

    @DPSAircraftManufacturer @zerogamer people have been asking for an Android version ever since the mod was created. Has it happened? No, because it never will. he creators of the mod and many other people really don't appreciate these repetitive questions. Sorry, I don't mean to offend, but an Android version will never happen

  • 10k Build! Icon A5 LSA 9 months ago


    Otherwise great plane!

  • "Shoot the GI" mini game 9 months ago

    Amazing! I'd suggest removing the first word of your description, tho. Don't want the mods to be mad at you

  • So, I'm new! 10 months ago

    Have fun building! Also, it's pretty funny how you said that you already know the rules, bc all the time, on every "I'm new" posts, people ALWAYS say "oh go read the rules"

  • they ruined my life 10 months ago

    You don't need to re-choose an airline. Just because someone else uploaded a plane from that airline doesn't mean you can't

  • TIE fighter 10 months ago

    Beware the pow... I mean PUNS of the Empire

  • Depressed 10 months ago

    Hang in there man, always know that if you need to talk, the SP community is always here. Two of my friends lost a parent in the past year, and were dealing with this sort of stuff. All you gotta do is have someone to talk to, because so many people go through this. I think I speak for the SP community in saying that we're here for you.

  • Let’s write a story together 9 days ago

    after credits scene

  • Polikarpov I-16 Mosca 14 days ago

    Much bias, Komrade, Stalin would be proud

  • Carrier Capable Wasp 15 days ago

    You know what'd be cool? If one of the devs remade all the stock planes

  • Teaser shot! one month ago

    rocket boi