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  • GAMF-02A Camille 1.3 years ago

    Why are people so biased and unnaccepting here? I thought this was a nice community but

    A pair of tits


    Like what the hell is wrpng with you people? Just let people do what they want.

    Its not a dick.

    But you laugh at dicks.

  • New beta - 1.8.3 (Steam today, mobile tomorrow) 3 months ago

    Okay enough cuddling with the helicopters. GIVE US THE SR2 JET ENGINES THIS GAME IS
    SIMPLE P L A N E S for a reason!

  • The Lamest Beta Ever 4 months ago

    Well i played around a bit.

    Here are the things ive noticed

    1- It looks a lot better and it runs butter smooth now.

    2- the carrier is cool. Love the moving parts.
    Cant wait for the arresting cables and launch system.

    3- the water looks good... but its a bit too... plastic-y looking. It looks a bit like asphalt up close.

    Here is what i suggest.

    1- this game desperately needs a cloud layer and atleast some sort of color change the higher you get.

    2- the water needs a little fixup.

    3- you definitely need to redo all the engines. Atleast the sounds and particle effects. Orange goo wont do anymore.

    4- also, just how probably everone wants, slats, hollow fuselage and these cool jet engines from SR2!

    5- A new hud maybe. The game still looks ancient to todays standards.

    6-maybe a ingame map editor but thats asking too much.

    7-maybe a few more textures. Atleast for the airport and carrier.

    8- maybe just redo the map. That should be done in a day right?

    Thats all. Thanks. you've done a good job until now.

  • GAMF-02A Camille 1.3 years ago

    i like these. theyre so well made.

  • 1.8 Beta now available 3 months ago

    Could we maybe have an xml feature to rename our missles? So we can make custom missles and name them ourselves. Would be nice to have more than 2 kinds of air to air missle. Lets say a guardian with a long range and a guardian with short range. We mod that ourselves of course. But being able to chang3 the name would make it easier. Like just an xml command.

  • How to post a good plane (for New Players) 8 months ago

    Step 1: make a decent plane.

  • A Set of Japanese Anti-Ship missiles 9 months ago

    How odd that there are no people inside.

    (Im sorry that was innapropriate)

  • Why do planes look better if they are made on windows? 2 months ago

    probably because us plats arent apple soyboys and use a real OS.

  • complex flapping-wing machine 5 months ago

    How were you able to make ot spin that fast? From my memory engine powered rotators dont turn faster than 1 turn per second. You inspired me to make a true turbofan with this mechanism. I just have to do it.


    This is ... stupid. Im sorry but why exactly is this a thing?

  • NO COPYING! Please. one month ago

    @Tully2001 sure. Whatever you want kiddo.

  • Harling Class Frigate EUN Harrison l 3 months ago

    Press F for harling.


    I didnt kill him i swear.

  • JAS39F-ANM Gripen (Girly Air Force) 3 months ago

    Pretty good but holy f that anime is pure trash

  • [WEBW] Boeing 777 - 9X (Lufthansa) 8 months ago

    Ill be honest this looks extremely sloppy and inaccurate. Especially the paintjob

  • New Moderator one month ago

    @SledDriver SaltDriver

  • We're in a bundle! 2 months ago

    I wonder why SimplePlanes is paired with such bad games..


  • Upload with Screenshots 5 months ago


  • F-35 Lightning II 8 months ago

    @kerothehero the inlet is a bit further back isnt it?

  • FEP-1 AWACS 8 months ago

    hey! its the one from yukikaze!

  • EYE CANDY versus FLIGHT MODEL Result 9 months ago

    Why not both?

  • Focke-Wulf Triebflugel 10 months ago

    Here is a ü for you to copy and replace the u in Triebflügel

  • LTS's Air force one 10 months ago

    Oh the "my first build" card.

    I see.

  • F/A-18 D 10 months ago

    Ill be honest, the proportions are awful

  • F-32J one year ago

    Its sad that good designs like this go unnoticed and get outclassed by memes and crappy buit replicas.

  • Elliptical Motion 1.3 years ago

    Yo ur f-in awesome ! Respect!

  • ADF-01 Falken 1.4 years ago

    the wings are wrong

  • A few practice laps... hehe 13 days ago

    @Ryn176 its bound to a flight computer that is busy turning the ship back straight.

    so turns will end when you stop turning of course. otherwise it would slowly keep turning.

  • Markdown Formatting test/explanations one month ago

    This community is full of idiots no jokes.

  • Why do planes look better if they are made on windows? 2 months ago

    okay actually we're just good at it.

  • Smoke Trails 2 months ago

    @NathanMikeska youre a dev why not include these into the game?

  • So where did i go wrong? 3 months ago

    Well... they all sort of look... too simlar. Just make something exiting.

  • not like True sky engine works for unity but... It does. 4 months ago

    @BACconcordepilot or put effort in the game cough

  • why hasnt anyone made an invincibility mod before? 4 months ago

    @Chancey21 this is more about my hovercraft. i mean it runs fine and clocks in on gold prix in 44 seconds only but if it hits the ground a little too hard itll explode. as far as i remember, impact ignores health.

  • 1.8 Suggestions 5 months ago

    1 Noone likes apple users.

    2 dont expect anything to come.

    3 the devs are way too busy with their trainwreck of a space simulator.

    4 the devs are lazy so if anything gets integrated its probably something like a new engine or flaps.

    5 their unuttered excuse is that there are mods for everything.

  • How Do You Make a Realistic Fighter Plane Body? 5 months ago

    Put in effort.

  • ScSP-1 Braces 7 months ago

    Looks amazing but it doesnt really fly realistic at all.

  • New Fuselage Process! 8 months ago

    the rear landing gear should always be just a bit behind the center of gravity. thats why you wont see any plane with a gear like this.

  • F-35 Lightning II 8 months ago

    @RailfanEthan i tuned it down. I dont like my planes pulling 25 g turns.

  • FAEFA 999 8 months ago

    supposed to be a fand 2 sorta plane?

  • H-22A [South Star] Work in progress 10 months ago

    Looks like somebody played too much ace combat 6

  • I feel like the game is slowly dying...? 10 months ago

    @DepressedTortoise they could have just extended simpleplanes to space. So its like ksp or something but cooler.

  • Boeing 787-8 American (Farewell Build) 10 months ago

    Saw one yesterday. Looks pretty much the same.

  • Su-30SM Flanker (Super-Maneuverable) 11 months ago

    Thats not a barrel roll its an aileron roll

  • Environment Pack 1.0 1.1 years ago


  • Flying iPhone 5s 1.2 years ago

    Didnt know trash could fly

  • Bombardiar Dash-8 Lufthansa Regional 1.3 years ago

    @CRJ900Pilot its bombadier not bombadiar

  • Mod suggestions. 1.4 years ago

    Make clouds please. Good ones that are seethrough.

  • _Instrumentation 1.4 years ago

    OH HELL YEAH!!!!

  • Nakajima KI-84 HAYATE(Frank) v3.0 4 days ago

    The body is good the wings not that much...