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  • GAMF-02A Camille 1.6 years ago

    Why are people so biased and unnaccepting here? I thought this was a nice community but

    A pair of tits


    Like what the hell is wrpng with you people? Just let people do what they want.

    Its not a dick.

    But you laugh at dicks.

  • Messerschmitt Bf 109 E-3 Swiss 12 days ago

    How do you make such a good replica then just slap default gear on it...?

  • SR2 - Procedural Landing Gear one month ago

    Nice feature. Wrong game again tho ;)

  • New beta - 1.8.3 (Steam today, mobile tomorrow) 6 months ago

    Okay enough cuddling with the helicopters. GIVE US THE SR2 JET ENGINES THIS GAME IS
    SIMPLE P L A N E S for a reason!

  • GAMF-02A Camille 1.5 years ago

    i like these. theyre so well made.

  • The Lamest Beta Ever 7 months ago

    Well i played around a bit.

    Here are the things ive noticed

    1- It looks a lot better and it runs butter smooth now.

    2- the carrier is cool. Love the moving parts.
    Cant wait for the arresting cables and launch system.

    3- the water looks good... but its a bit too... plastic-y looking. It looks a bit like asphalt up close.

    Here is what i suggest.

    1- this game desperately needs a cloud layer and atleast some sort of color change the higher you get.

    2- the water needs a little fixup.

    3- you definitely need to redo all the engines. Atleast the sounds and particle effects. Orange goo wont do anymore.

    4- also, just how probably everone wants, slats, hollow fuselage and these cool jet engines from SR2!

    5- A new hud maybe. The game still looks ancient to todays standards.

    6-maybe a ingame map editor but thats asking too much.

    7-maybe a few more textures. Atleast for the airport and carrier.

    8- maybe just redo the map. That should be done in a day right?

    Thats all. Thanks. you've done a good job until now.

  • New Moderator 4 months ago

    @SledDriver SaltDriver

  • 1.8 Beta now available 6 months ago

    Could we maybe have an xml feature to rename our missles? So we can make custom missles and name them ourselves. Would be nice to have more than 2 kinds of air to air missle. Lets say a guardian with a long range and a guardian with short range. We mod that ourselves of course. But being able to chang3 the name would make it easier. Like just an xml command.

  • How to post a good plane (for New Players) 11 months ago

    Step 1: make a decent plane.

  • A Set of Japanese Anti-Ship missiles one year ago

    How odd that there are no people inside.

    (Im sorry that was innapropriate)

  • Why do planes look better if they are made on windows? 5 months ago

    probably because us plats arent apple soyboys and use a real OS.

  • complex flapping-wing machine 8 months ago

    How were you able to make ot spin that fast? From my memory engine powered rotators dont turn faster than 1 turn per second. You inspired me to make a true turbofan with this mechanism. I just have to do it.

  • EXTREMELY DETAILED BOX 11 months ago

    This is ... stupid. Im sorry but why exactly is this a thing?

  • NO COPYING! Please. 4 months ago

    @Tully2001 sure. Whatever you want kiddo.

  • Harling Class Frigate EUN Harrison l 6 months ago

    Press F for harling.


    I didnt kill him i swear.

  • JAS39F-ANM Gripen (Girly Air Force) 6 months ago

    Pretty good but holy f that anime is pure trash

  • [WEBW] Boeing 777 - 9X (Lufthansa) 11 months ago

    Ill be honest this looks extremely sloppy and inaccurate. Especially the paintjob

  • Sorta Vol.Clouds one month ago

    @Laurentjames123 no.

  • Hover_engine 2 months ago

    @Brields95 its a futuristic engine with 14 different sounds you can choose from. I asked for this.

  • Daredevil 2 months ago

    Hey when are we gonna get the next update?

  • We're in a bundle! 5 months ago

    I wonder why SimplePlanes is paired with such bad games..


  • So where did i go wrong? 6 months ago

    Well... they all sort of look... too simlar. Just make something exiting.

  • not like True sky engine works for unity but... It does. 7 months ago

    @BACconcordepilot or put effort in the game cough

  • Upload with Screenshots 8 months ago


  • F-35 Lightning II 11 months ago

    @kerothehero the inlet is a bit further back isnt it?

  • FEP-1 AWACS 11 months ago

    hey! its the one from yukikaze!

  • EYE CANDY versus FLIGHT MODEL Result one year ago

    Why not both?

  • Focke-Wulf Triebflugel one year ago

    Here is a ü for you to copy and replace the u in Triebflügel

  • LTS's Air force one one year ago

    Oh the "my first build" card.

    I see.

  • F/A-18 D 1.1 years ago

    Ill be honest, the proportions are awful

  • F-32J 1.3 years ago

    Its sad that good designs like this go unnoticed and get outclassed by memes and crappy buit replicas.

  • Elliptical Motion 1.5 years ago

    Yo ur f-in awesome ! Respect!

  • ADF-01 Falken 1.6 years ago

    the wings are wrong

  • THE FUTURE IS FEISAR 4 days ago


  • AGT supercar 18 days ago

    that looks very good.

  • Hover_engine 2 months ago

    @jacephysicsboss true. but dont say that theyll get really upset at you. and theyll desperately try to defend apple for some reason. its funny... but a bit sad.

  • It has finally happened 2 months ago

    @Mmdben no... its a mod. its an important model that well seperate up and build back together in simpleplanes. thats all. the thing will run like a dream on any toaster.

  • It has finally happened 2 months ago

    @PorkyClown3 youre drunk. Go home.

  • How does a plane “not stall?” 2 months ago

    @Phoza rest in peace to that man

  • Part Saving SP Hacks 2 months ago

    If you build without drag calculation
    And 0 drag scale by either building out of parts with these properties or running a script afterwards, you can even make like 800 part builds perform reasonably well on mobile.

  • Stop being ignorant. And stop being afraid to post. 2 months ago

    @Natedog120705 1 about the complaining part.
    They complain about the mods. Thats all. Pc users do too. Theyre just really pushy about it and its annoying.
    Ios folks are really easily triggered i tellya.

    2 well.. an update a few months ago that happened after... 8 months and was... adressing barely half the things the people wanted. I see single developers work faster and better.
    I dont need to know how to make a game to tell that theyve been neglecting this game for SR2. Which noone seems to care about anymore already btw.

    3 i play the game because i like to build stuff. Duh.
    But having real fun is something that happens in other games. So i dont play it too much anymore.

    4 i just feel bad for people that put a lot of effort into things and dont get recognized for it. Thats probably how i feel about it. It doesnt have much to do with me though i stopped caring about upvotes or anything of the likes years ago.
    I mean of course its nice when something you made is exploding like crazy and people love it. But if not that doesnt really matter to me anymore.

    Why are we still here? Just to suffer?
    M8, idk i just wanted to have fun with this game. Thats become hard overtime heh.

    6 ah yeah.

    Sorry bout that webw part.
    I just really dont like them somehow.
    Thats just my honest opinion.
    Bad thing from me to say im sorry.

    7 there was this walker mech that had boobie physics and people just started bashing the poor guy who made it for a little detail like that.

    Im not trying to be unreasonable here,
    Its just a reflection of my expiriences over the years in this community. Thats all.
    However, i wont apologize. I wanted to say all of this and i wont regret it.

  • Stop being ignorant. And stop being afraid to post. 2 months ago

    @BlackhattAircraft well.. not the entire community. There are people here with a heart of gold. Really. I mean that.

    Just a lot of the oldheads here just wanting this game to be some kind of puristic no mods type of thing.

    One person here i really started hating was because because he said something the likes of; i dont need to care about small fry like that.
    And that wasnt even about me.

  • Stop being ignorant. And stop being afraid to post. 2 months ago

    @BlackhattAircraft just saying that people shoudnt restrict their stuff for the sake of others. Not that they shouldnt complain. Read properly.

  • Stop being ignorant. And stop being afraid to post. 2 months ago

    Sure. Give me the hate. Come at me.
    Feed your own ignorance.

  • Promo video for my corp’s bomber 3 months ago


  • A few practice laps... hehe 3 months ago

    @Ryn176 its bound to a flight computer that is busy turning the ship back straight.

    so turns will end when you stop turning of course. otherwise it would slowly keep turning.

  • Markdown Formatting test/explanations 4 months ago

    This community is full of idiots no jokes.

  • Why do planes look better if they are made on windows? 5 months ago

    okay actually we're just good at it.

  • Smoke Trails 5 months ago

    @NathanMikeska youre a dev why not include these into the game?

  • why hasnt anyone made an invincibility mod before? 7 months ago

    @Chancey21 this is more about my hovercraft. i mean it runs fine and clocks in on gold prix in 44 seconds only but if it hits the ground a little too hard itll explode. as far as i remember, impact ignores health.