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I am an American boy that loves planes and Ace combat. I live in Southern Mississippi.idk what to say but welcome. Favorite Lines from Ace combat:
“Trigger. One with the highest score wins“-Count
“Here comes the snow”-Pixy
“Three striked aircraft? Hi S* meet fan”- Erusean ground unit
“La La La La Listen to our beautiful voice!”- AWACS Oka Nieba

SimpleRockets Account

SyntheticL Inspired me to make the Delta Federation

The Delta Federation( full name: The Delta Royal Federation) Is an Federation South of the United Federation(SynthedicL). It was Founded in 1789 By Commander McDonald of the Osean Army. Then more settlers came and started a Federation known as the Le Crane federation. Then the Osean Army started giving them weapons like the early machine guns, Vehicles, and War ships. With all the firepower the Le Crane Federation Started to fight the Osean Army and kicking them out of the Federation then they expanded over 100,000 square miles! Then they renamed the Federation to the Delta Federation. The country is the most technologically country in the world!

Aircraft list: here boi

Anthem : “Red n’ Blue Forever”

Mono: “In god we trust”

Delta Federation’s Bday: July 4

Ally’s : United Federation(SynthedicL), Isle of Asami(DarkMarble1), Yuktobania, Estovakia, and more

Country type: Royal Federation

Branches: Secretary of Defense, Delta Federation Royal AirForce, Delta Federation Royal Army, Delta Federation Royal Navy, Marine Corp, Royal Defense Force, Department of Homeland Security,Department of intelligence, Aerial Navy.

Major AirForce Division’s: 77th Airlift Squadron, 105th bomber Squadron, 725th Fighter squadron, 505th Bomber Squadron, 926th Airlift squadron, 123rd Special Air Operatons Squadron, 735th Airlift Squadron, and 285th VIP transport squadron

Capital City: Cheryl

Major AFB: Martin Lott AFB, Putin AFB, Cheryl Super AFB.

Alliances part of: United Nations PeaceKeeping/Security Council.

Major Cities: New England, Cheryl, Apple City, New Moscow, and many more!

Foreign Bases: Alexander AFB UFAF, Colorado AFB JASDF, and Fort Knox AFB UFAF

Official Languages: Deltan, English, Chinese Traditional and Normal Chinese, and Russian

Official March song: Hell March 2

Leader: Royal President Joe C. Biden(8 terms)

Vice Leader: Vice Royal President Charles D. Atlanta

Commanding General: Bobby G. Miller

Main base: Cheryl Super AFB

Law System: American Law system

Dimensions the country is in: Real world, Ace combat

Population: 4 526 743 927 (early 2021 Census)

Land Area: 2 347 564 876 Square Miles (early 2021)

Countrys that the Delta Federation Aid’s: Isle of Asami (Darkmarble1)
If you are reading this you sus...

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