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The name of massively and legendary bird in Shahnameh

I'm 19yo and a Conservative witth 3.1 years experience

SPBC old Member

I like Rock / Electro / Hiphop / Gangsta Hiphop and Special Music

I like Travelling with anything

i like drawing and sketch art

i like Mechanical Engineering


i don't like bad or serious jokes

I am very careful about my behavior but I get angry quickly so don't Disturb my life and me and Don't block my way like fools!

What kind of builds do I build?

Someoften I make builds that are very rare or iconic, or I make them that everyone might dream of building, I build them in the best possible way and with very high quality and accuracy and always working with real blueprint. I'm Car / Aircraft / And Important Car & Aircraft Parts Builder

What's things are i like it?

"Sultan of our heart in 60's, 70's and 80's"

And my special favourite food, too familiar and popular

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Previously known as Sinacraft, MasterAvicenna, TheSupermeAvicenna, SierraX, MasterMasterTheAvicenna, CaspianGhostZ, Sinnacraft