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My original account was "Condoraircraft" but since ive decided to start a ww1/crimson skies multiplayer server i needed to have a place for updates

also #make crimson skies a tag!

serverjoin IP will be posted soon
I do not know how the multiplayer channel works. so i need help.
discord channel https://discordapp.com/channels/363807455580258306/363807455580258308

Only planes that are posted on this account may be used on the server to keep it balanced . How ever you may customize the paint job as long as you keep the country roundels(insignia's) Please be respectful to other players and play fair.


The Fighters are only to engage in air to air combat.

until an effective turret can be made attack planes will only foward guns and will be limited to Light ground attack

until an effective turret can be made bomber will only carry bombs.

Every posted plane will be identified as a fighter(tag) multi-role(tag) or bomber(tag). Will make a discord channel for updates,changes and recommendations