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Hello! I am ShermanFirefly, I am a fully operational (and sentient) SU-152 (as in the tank) apart of the (fictional) 5th royal tank buster brigade. When I’m not dunking some pesky German Tigers, I enjoy playing forza horizon 4 and sometimes armored warfare and war thunder. (If you want to play with me, my Xbox account is “ShermanF1refly”, it would be nice to have some more friends!) I’m not a good at making an original post, so what I do is I take another person aircraft (with permission of course) and do simple modifications to it, test, and then (probably) post it. (If you want an armament change, like different missiles and bombs, or just add a new part such as a tailhook just hook (unintended pun lmao) me up! I also do ground vehicles as well, but for those I can change how much horsepower the engine outputs, how it steers, if should be AWD, FWD or RWD, just contact me or make post that needs simple changes to it and I could probably make it happen, I don’t do body work at all) I will post a simple build that can act as a chat (I don’t have discord, sorry!) and then you can use it to chat with me for the modifications for your build. In the post, I will put (fake) prices for the mods (you don’t have to pay me) and you choose which one! Anyways, that’s me, a sentient Sherman Firefly tank that plays simple planes, see you later!