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Current Projects:

Manticore and Chimera airships on halt, waiting for better PC

ATAE-7257 "Tanager" (ACE Class)
1% complete

ATAE-5282 "Secretarybird" (Ace Class)
0% complete
lost file, restarting

ATAE-7250 "Sparrowhawk" (Thunderbolt Class)
0% complete
lost file, restarting

AMCE-2374 "Duck" (Cargo Tiltrotor, Support Class)
20% complete

Literary Terms I use:

ATAE: Air to air element

ATGE: Air to ground element

AMCE: Aerial multirole combat element

AHQE: Aerial headquarter element

Ace Class: AAM (air-to-air missile) in armament

Thunderbolt Class: AGM (air-to-ground missile) and bombs in armament

Support Class: Cargo, or AWACS, or medical

Mythic Class: All of the classes above