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I'm RyneKuczy, I mostly make fighter jets and builds from the video game called Halo, but you might see some other stuff every once in a while. My detailed and better quality builds usually come out once a week. I also have a YouTube channel if you want to check it out, it's called Heretic Gaming.

I live in Ohio, so we see some pretty cool stuff flying around sometimes, I also go on vacation to North Carolina, so we end up driving through Norfolk and see F-18's flying out to carriers about 3+ times a day. Here's a couple of other stories.

  1. I've seen 2 A-10's flying around above my school, I assume for some sort of training.

  2. I happen to also live near an airport, so I see about a helicopter and a cargo plane a day.

  3. When I was about 10 a F-18 flew over where we were staying on vacation and broke the sound barrier, probably the loudest thing I've ever heard.

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