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other important link, this one is a sneak peak so don't click it
important link for me so I don't forget stuff reeeeeee

welcome, enjoy your stay

A bit about PositivePlanes; I have always had a passion for Engineering and basically anything that has moving parts. I found this game about 3 years ago when I was watching WeaselZone He was playing this game. Later I got it on my cabbage IPad, Then I created an account. After 8 months of playing of the IPad, I moved to a Acer Chromebook 15, which can run 400 parts at low quality. (THATS A HUGE INPROVEMNET FOR ME) Some things that I think are funny on SP; When you have uploaded a post and someone upvotes it as soon as it is uploaded. When you get more upvotes in the teaser than the actual aircraft.

Current Projects
Dewotine D.520 90%
Every single variant of the F-16 built 1% lol
Some futuristic craft that I forgot the name of 20%

Some cool people

Crashfighter05 (thought he was a alt of Strikefighter04)
Penguins (not a user on the site but I love penguins)

Some other stuff about me

I'm actually in a Band in real life
I make stop motion
I'm subscribed to pewdiepie
I'm in the SLRP.
I might close my account no joke

oh yeah If you tag me on a build then I will upvote it. totally
didn't take this idea from a certain tank builder. Cough cough
ChiyomiAnzai cough cough

kool stuff


to lazy to make it clickable XD