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Dudes i kinda know of

Noname91818 - Cool guy also an filipino
Donaldas2121 - Epic guy give some love to him
UsualPioneer - also an epic guy Good builder too


Bronze i dunno about the post of my F104 Starfighter
Silver 12/22/2020
Gold not yet
Platinum not yet
anyway im NotErwin

Stuff about me
i suck at building airliners
i love military aviation
i sleep at 2:30
I am a simp (not really).
My favorite anime character is Riko Matsumoto or Erwin
I also play multiplayer
My name is: NotCronvia32
i have an Fiction Country named Cronvia


Fighter Jets - Really Good
Bombers - Good
Helicopters - Kinda good
WW2 Fighters - Kinda Bad
WW2 Bombers - Bad
Ships - Kinda Terrible
Tanks - Terrible
Cars - Really Terrible
Airliners - Definition Of Terrible
Favorite Planes
F104 Starfighter (especially the german one)

F-4 Phantom

MIG-25 Foxbat



"Streets is cold dawg.Like it says in the book we are blessed and cursed."
- Big Smoke
"This is the LSPD, do not... hey, what the f@$#! TOO LOW! YOU'LL KILL US ALL!"
- Gunner
"Them marks ain't soldiers. They're idiots trying to be business men."
- Sweet Johnson
"You don't concentrate on risks. You concentrate on results. No risk is too great to prevent the necessary job from getting done."
-Chuck Yeager

Proud to be a Filipino

Previously known as Cronvia32