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Welcome to my profile page! I'm 18 year old male from Russia, who likes design planes that can be built in real life. If you want you can comment my builds , but I'm not sure I'll answer. I can read English, but I may need time to translate reply from Russian.

I have a lot of aircraft projects, some of which can reach up to 600 pages of documentation. I'm self-taught and I've never studied aeronautics before, but I've already built some models of my projects that have been tested very well. I found SimplePlanes in the summer of 2017 and use it to simulate weight and COM of an aircraft. Unfortunately, SimplePlanes is not suitable for correct modeling of the wing profiles, aerodynamic drag and structural strength, so I have to calculate them manually.

I like 1900-1930 planes, so I almost do not create jet aircraft. I also don't like to make replicas, I'm focused on designing and building my own projects. By "my projects" I mean only airplanes - no cars, tanks or ships. However, I have one project of the bus, but I don't think that I will build it in SimplePlanes.

Some facts about me:

  • My most favorite engines are Shvetsov M-11, M-62 and M-82 .
  • I like biplanes more than other planes.
  • I'm playing Il-2 Forgotten Battles for 5 years;
  • I hate cats.
  • I'm an hobbyist digital artist. Most of all i draw NSFW furry art.
  • I spend up to 4 hours designing planes every day.
  • I don't like helicopters.

That's all I'll say, bye...

P.S. Sorry for bad English.