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Belli Dura Despicio!!!

Woohoo, Warspite Go Divine Marksman

Nunquam Non Paratus
In Latin: "Never Not Ready"

The NB In My Username Stands For "NavalBlaze", My Old Nickname(Changed 24 Sep 2020), As For Tama, I Took It From My Real Name Which In Japanese (Supposedly) Means Either Jewel, Or Perfect... The Ta? Means Nothing Really, Just Adds Up My Name So It Doesn't Sound So Bland, I Mean, How Does NBTama Sounds To You?

I Am The New Eggship Master

Malam Senja

Current Eggfleet Admirals

One Of The Shenanigans I Did Cause I Can:
9km Of Runway
Torpedobeat That!!
Arright MeeM
When A Little Carrier Is Better Than A Modern Fleet
And My Trademark

What You Should Know About Me:
- I'm 16 Years Old And I Live In Indonesia
- Has Almost Given Up On Building Planes And Builds Warship Instead
- Lazy And Unmotivated At Times


  • KRI Iri Hati(Envy) Submarine Aircraft Carrier(77%): Postponed, Plane Problems
  • Malam Senja Class Heavy Airborne Battleship(0%): On Halt
  • Lil'plane-7 " Lytigan"(65%): On Halt, Interior, Wings, And Engine Is Left
  • KRI Bromo Monitor Warship(20%): Ongoing
  • Eggship Requests

    • IJN Yamato(On Halt)

    • USS Iowa

    • KMS Bismarck

    • KMS Prinz Eugen(Ongoing)

    • USS Arleigh Burke

    • KMS Manfred Von Richthofen

    • IJN Takao/Atago

    • HMS Nelson

    • HMS Victory

    • USS Laffey


  • Bronze: Passed, Reward Collected
  • Silver: Reached, Reward Collected
  • Gold: Reached, Proud
  • Platinum: I'll Just Sit And Lay Down, For Now...

Previously known as NavalBlaze