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Human beings are members of a whole
In creation of one essence and soul

Bani Adam, By Saadi Shirazi

Translate to english is hello and welcome to my page!🇬🇧

My introduction

Short Bio:

a persian 18 years old i live in south of my country and always like aviation's world and automobiles. I'm a solo builder with high experience (still learning new experiences) and irl.
I always play on my phone and probably buy a good laptop in future and always love the heavy project with high count part!
I like help to another people and then try to stole him memes...
And ready for going to military service and then college

My Features

Theorist and idea maker
Joker's brother
Solo builder
a Aviation fan
I hate fake or talkative peoples
a Cool Buddy with moustache

About my life

My life?...living in Tehran like living in hell

Someone explained to me about real life (simulated life):

Life(tm) is a simulation game created by Hevenn Ltd. for user entertainment. It features ultra-realistic graphics and physics at maximum settings, and received a 4.9 star rating from the users. The only thing that's the downside is, when you log out, it requires you to make a new account to log in again. In the game, you stat off as a newborn infant, and your main goal is making your lifespan meaningful, but it may vary in story mode, as you can see, most of the users are playing in multiplayer mode, but won't last long here. Users come and and go, just like here, and it's inevitable. Even though we know something about here, in our lives, we still have a long way to go, to see what lies behind this simulation. Our perception of people dying is a lie, they're just logging out and creating a new account. jk. I'm very confident that what i just said doesn't make any sense at all

a Cool person

My discord username : 𝐴𝑣𝑖𝑐𝑒𝑛𝑛𝑎#1591

If you didn't have discord, just tag my name on your unlisted build for help and then I will check it, feel free

         If not, so sorry lol

Cool Comrades and dudes


KLM 747





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Always Be Realistic

Previously known as Sinacraft