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Im the President of the United Nation of Scuderia.We have a lot of history starting back at 1600.Our army wich is the United Scuderia Army Cooperation are not normal soldier they are more of a geniuses,scientist,and Technicians that build their own tanks,planes and weapon.One of our finest fighters are the RLV F-18 Super Hornet Block 50 for Multirole action and the RLV Lancer for Carrier operation join us now to survive whit allies.

Scuderian Air Force Possession :

RLV Rafault Arrow K-1000
Yokarkov H-1A Gladiator
RLV YSI-25 Wolfpack
RLV Su-25
RLV F-16 Super Falcon Block 50
RLV F-18 Super Hornet Block 50
XF-45 Thunder

Scuderian Navy Force Possession :

RLV RP-200
RLV XF Jaguar-I
RLV XF Jaguar-II
RLV Lancer-I
RLV AV-8C Super Harrier
RLV X-14 Tomcat II
XF-45 Thunder

Scuderian Inteligent Force Possesion :

RLV-10 Black Sparrow Block-15

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