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I meet SimplePlanes some time ago when i was searching for a game like a flight simulator.When i saw that was a sandbox game of creating aircrafts,i went mesmerized.I didn't believed that a game like that exist,joining two things i love,create and aircrafts.I play it on mobile,but i can't run more than 300 pieces,wich makes my capacity of do something detailed very limited.Right now,i discovered that i like to create or replicate more helicopters than properly aircrafts.


1•Lokheed Martin F-22A Raptor
2•Sukhoi PAK-FA T-50
3•Eurocopter HH-65 Dolphin
4•SAAB Gripen NG
5•Boeing F-15C Eagle (PIXY)
6•McDonnel Douglas F-4 Phantom (Mobius 1)
7•ADFX-1 Morgan
8•ADF-1 Falken
9•A-10A Thunderbolt ll
10•B-2 Spirit


1•Kestrel (AC-Zero/AC-5)
2•USS George Washington
3•USS Missouri
4•USS Iowa

My favorite flight games

•Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War
•Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War (one of the most beautiful games i ever played in life)
•Ace Combat 4: Shattered skies
•Ace Combat: Assault Horizon
•Heroes of the Pacific
•Blazing angels: Secret missions of WWll
•IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey (Most realistic flight sim i played)
•Air Conflicts: Vietnam

Other games

•Naval Ops: Warship Gunner 2
•Dragon Ball Xenoverse
•GTA 5
•Battlefield 4
•GTA San Andreas
•PUBG mobile

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