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Welcome to my profile. I mostly make fictional vehicles with some replicas in-between. Ive been playing SP for almost 4 years now. Im a huge fan of military aircraft and love churning out weird fictional vehicles.

Random facts

Favorite planes (in order): CF-105, SU-27, CF-188, BF-109G.
Favorite music genre: 60s-80s.
Favorite movies/shows (in order): Interstellar, For all mankind, The Mandalorian, the entire star wars series, 1917.
Nationality: Proud Canadian.
Misc.: I play airsoft an I'm currently in the Royal Canadian Air Cadets (151th Chadburn), I'm usually on MP (MP name is Lanc) and I was formally thefalkenreich.

Friends on the site

Strikefighter04: Nice guy, makes cool trucks.

Kennnnnnnth: Has a fun side but supportive. makes great mods too.

Asteroidbooks345: Nice to talk to, gives great advice.

Tristar101: Surports everyone, always welcoming to new players.

Winterro: friend from mp also makes weird crap like godzilla missiles.

InuYasha: generally a good person.

Fishminer: good friend from mp, makes cool stuff.