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Hello! Greetings from Oregon, and welcome to my bio! I am KnightOfRen, member of the SP community! I build SP for fun a lot, and I use an Acer Chromebook (Technically Android). I am currently active on SP.com, but if I don't post for two weeks, it's okay, I'm procrastinating. Here is a good list of my creations, that will make my account easier to navigate. My best airplanes are all in "Highlights". All of my builds are simple and mobile friendly. I have a policy to keep everything under 500 parts. I come from Oregon, and the F-15 is my state's plane! I hope you enjoy the things I make. :)
Wherever I go, He goes.


Joined: July 2020
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Hit Platinum: November 2020


"This is the way."

-The Mandalorian

“The more you know, the less you fear.”

-Cris Hadfeild

“In order to fly, you need to take off, in order to take off you need to move forward.”


"In success, people will hate you for being successful. Just ignore the jealous haters and push forward!"


"There can be economy only where there is efficiency."

-Benjamin Disraeli

"Either do it right, or don't do it at all."


"Just because your imagination is limitless, doesn't mean that your creativity can't be."


“Never depend on the admiration of others. There is no strength in it. Personal merit cannot be derived from an external source. It is not to be found in your personal associations, nor can it be found in the regard of other people. It is a fact of life that other people, even people who love you, will not necessarily agree with your ideas, understand you, or share your enthusiasms. Grow up! Who cares what other people think about you!”


Favorite Planes

Grumman F-14D "Super Tomcat"

McDonnell Douglas F-15C "Eagle"

Lockheed Martin F-22A Raptor


Founder and Owner of Knights Of Ren Industries
Owner of Major Industries, creator of the first Open-Rotor Turbojet in SP!
Member of Azure Corp
Member and Co-Founder of MeowCo

Social Media

Simplerockets account
My discord: KnightOfRen#2564
Member of SPBC
Member of SimplePlanes Chad Chat
Member of SP Fanclub
Member of Aviator's Chat


How to make custom weapons by FairFireFlight
How to make hollow airliner cockpits by SavageMan
How to mirror text by SavageMan
How to make custom landing gear by jamesPLANESii
How to make custom wings by jamesPLANESii
How to use Funky Trees (FT) by SnowFlake0s

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