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People do things they like and/or are motivated to accomplish. If one builds for themselves and not for upvotes, then I'd think they'd find more incentive to achieve a higher standard of quality. If you really like the look of an aircraft or artwork, then use that as inspiration. Individual "skill" matters less than the passion to obtain it. One could start out very skilled and know every XML trick in the book, but have hardly any incentive to use it. On the other hand someone could have a great deal of motivation or passion to create, and hence automatically has the same desire to acquire the ability necessary to do so.

I've only had 1 completely failed design that I intended on uploading. (Ones that I don't upload don't count because I was just messing around then). The design wasn't adaptable enough when I realized it didn't fit my criteria for upload able aircraft, That's why it failed. I had worked too much on it to change anything significant.

Stages of production.

Conceptual stage:

This involves dreaming up weapons ideas, internal systems, initial design, look, and appearance. Everything that would make it look cool or unique. However this is not set, It can even continue well into the Framing stage or even into the Systems stage if a new concept is deemed good enough to induce change. Approximated time, As long as it needs.

Framing stage:

The framing stage consists of making the basic airframe/body of the aircraft(duh). This stage usually takes a few days, consisting of tedious rotation, nudging, resizing and scaling. Those things being different because sometimes literally scaling an object in minature increments of down to 0.0001
is needed to make something flush with the surrounding frame. If I'm motivated 50% of this can be done in 24 hours involving staying in my room without sleeping because I'm a nerd who wants sh*t done. Often the previous stage can extend into this stage because I haven't made up my mind on the initial appearance. Approximated time, 3 to 6 days

Systems Stage:

The Systems Stage is where all the functionality is added such as custom weapons, VTOL, bay doors, lights, and a cockpit. Not much to say here, pretty much self explanatory. Approximated

Details Stage:

This part is usually, and quite suprisingly the least time consuming. Not that I don't like detail, but I usually pre-meditate on what decals or designs I'd want on the airframe. I find this easier to do after the functions stage, despite some things going awry when a moving part stops doing it's job(godamn part connections). Some of the detail is done inherently in the framing stage, as the frame itself provides a significant amount of detail and that Mmm look to it.
Approximated time is 2-8 hours.

Final Stage:

The final stage consists of testing, last minute changes and usually uploading an unlisted version to type out the description and controls. All screenshots are taken at this stage, and while I often make small tweaks and fixes, none of them are enough to make me re-upload unless there's a really bad problem with the aircraft. Approximated time, 30 minutes.

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