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I do not take requests beyond testing someones creation, which in itself, is very uncommon. Also, while I cannot truly stop you, I implore to you that my builds not be re-posted or modified in any manner without notifying me first.

Clik dis. A story about a little girl and a shopkeeper

Your own existence is how you perceive it. While that may seem obvious, The matter of the fact is, is that the consequence of this is that nothing has any tangible meaning because there is no such thing as a universal logic, Not dissimilar in that there are different ideologies among humans.

A common example would be that someone who lives in a cave with dancing shadows on the walls may believe those shadows to be real, for that's all he knows. The shadows appear to dance as he moves his hand, so for all he knows and can meaningfully deduce, is that the shadows are some kind of being which like to see his hand move.

To us however, that seems very illogical. Even the idea of questioning your own existence proves to be completely useless because we will never know what is beyond our own understanding.

Even if we did, we would no longer be human and pursuing such a level of understanding might therefore become meaningless as we'd no longer have the same ambitions or reasons to to so. Perhaps it is better for us to ultimately remain ignorant, for while knowledge can bring a great deal of good, it also brings with it the bad, for the things we do not understand are even more horrifying beyond comprehension.

Logic is something that only exists as a result of something intelligent enough to have the awareness that it's mind exists on a differen't level of thought, which when realized, also means that everything we understand is exactly that, only what we understand. Go beyond what we can understand and perceive to a certain point would change what we previously thought logical/useful so fundamentally that our original reason for doing so would cease to exist, rendering the attempt useless from the viewpoint of their former self, unless the exact purpose was to change whoever they were down to the very meaning of "them" so drastically that they would become something incomprehensible to the level of thinking before such a change