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I made this profile on the 3 December 2017!

Became Gold on 7 October 2018!

I started playing simpleplanes in September 2016.
You will find that I mostly build rail transport however I might occasionally try something different such as a aeroplane or road vehicle.
This is my second account.
I deleted the other one because it had too much crap on it.
Old account (If you dare!)
SimpleRockets Account
Alt Account
Youtube Channel
Discord Server

I came across simpleplanes when I wanted to fly the planes in GTA 5 but I wasn’t allowed. I got this on Steam and to be honest when I first saw it I thought it looked kinda crappy.
That all changed when I saw the community and their creations.

Dream Job- Train Driver

Favorite car- Datsun Cherry

Games I’d like to play but my computer is a potato so I can’t- BeamNG.Drive, X-Plane11,Train Simulator World, My Summer Car( Yeah, it cant even run My Summer Car), Cities: Skylines and Brick Rigs.

Things that annoy me- The “word” anyways (it’s anyway), friends who think they’re an aviation expert, idiots who “don’t get it”, malware, Donald Trump, excessively negative people who create lists of things that annoy them and, finally, irony.

I can speak Irish (I doubt anyone else on this site can though) English (Obviously), German and a small amount of French.

I live in the (not so) beautiful city of Dublin.

I don’t give a crap about part counts unless they literally melt my computer.

What do I like to build?

Airliners (Especially older jet airliners)
Random everyday objects
Private jets
General Aviation Aircraft

Planes I like

Vickers VC10/Super VC10 (All time favourite)
Boeing 737 (any series)
McDonnell Douglas DC-8
Airbus A340 (any series)
Boeing 757-200/300
McDonnell Douglas MD-11/DC-10
General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon
Boeing 727
Fokker DR-1
Tupolev TU-154
Antonov AN-148
Boeing 707
Tupolev TU-134
Ilyushin IL-86
Ilyushin IL-96
Ilyushin IL-62
Yakovlev Yak-42
Tupolev TU-204

Planes I don't like

EL/M-2075 (All time worst)
Grumman X-29
Spitfire (Any Series)
Airbus A380-800/900
DeHavilland Comet
Airbus Beluga
Boeing Dreamlifter
Aero Spacelines Super Guppy

Favorite Airline Livery
Favorite Airline Livery

Current Projects

Upcoming Projects

Favourite Webpage

My local airport.

Other Games I Like To Play

Infinite Flight
Sword with sauce alpha
Night in the woods
Intersection controller

”When we look into the sky, we are actually looking into the infinite abyss of space and the only thing keeping us on earth is gravity”

Some Quotes About Simpleplanes

“That is the worst looking game ever.”
“It’s Roblox.”
“Why don’t you play any real games?”
“sImPlE pLaNeZ”

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