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Government Republic

Part of the SL role play leader of the German Empire

Germanic empire currently consists of all country’s in between France and Ukraine along with all ex soviet block countries and balken states.

Commander in Chief= Oliver V Bismarck

General of Military=Oliver V Bismarck

Ambassador of Foreign Affiars= None

Ambassador of Immigration= None

Ambassador for Allied Relations= None

Language= German
Population= 800,000,000
National Anthem= Erika.
National Bird= Golden eagle

GRAF=German Royal Air Force

GRMC= German Royal Marine Corps

GRN= German Royal Navy

GRBO= German Royal Black Operations

GRODST= German Royal Orbital Drop Shock Troopers (currently 500 thousand)

R6= Counter Terrorist team Rambow Six

Active Personal/Enlisted/Reserve
50 Million Active
10 Million Enlisted
1 Million Reserve
500 Million signed up for Drafting Incase of war

Caucasian= 10%
Black= 20%
European= 70%

Atheist= 47%
Christian= 53%

The German Empire.

Currently controls the entirety of Europe, the Baltic countrys, all Ex Soviet block states and European Russia.

National Treasury

The New Republic of Simplelandia= StrikeFighter04
SSRA= asteroidbook345
Scarryn= TheChosenOne
ERA= EchoWhiskey11
Nukian= LancasterAce (Not considered a nation by German officials)
Central Vortex Republic=CptJacobson