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Contact: Discord ReignSUPREME #7329 You can call me RS or supreme for short.
I’m a Chinese grade 9 student.
I Bulid on iPad.
I don't go online very often.

In Progress:

J20&F22&Su57 Upgrade Round 2 : Lockheed F22** 90%
Here are some useful webs:
[Skua’s Fonts Guide]
[Shipbucket:Useful website of ships]

 Regarding the reconstruction/inheritance of the construction, the introduction of the works shall prevail. If not, get permission in the comments section.

The philosophy I follow in this community: focus on my own work and don't initiate trouble. I accept your legitimate criticism of my work in a normal way, but if you want to pick a fight, we'll see about that. Of course, If you are kind to me, I don't mind having one more friend.

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