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Proud member of the SPMC

That day our sky fell, the heavens split to create new skies.

No mission too difficult. No sacrifice too great.

Hesitation is a hole in the head.

The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

”Master Chief, you mind telling me what you’re doing on that ship?”
”Sir, finishing this fight”
-Master Chief Petty Officer John 117
November 17th, 2552

"I don't know. History determines the winner. But there's one thing I can say for certain. Heroes really do exist. We've just seen one, and now he's coming home."
September 26, 2005

It's ya boi, rollie boi.
Current status: Active and kicking.

Short bio: I am a 29 year old man.

Favourite aircraft: F-15E
Ship: Arleigh Burke-class destroyer (Flight IIA)
Tank: Leopard 2A7
Car: Nissan KPGC10
Helicopter: AH-1z Viper
Motorcycle: BMW S1000RR

My cars:
2016 Nissan GT-R R35 Prestige w/ HKS Superior Spec-R, Volk Racing Te37 20inch, Litchfield Stage 2 Power upgrade,
2013 Toyota GT86 w/STi Carbon Fiber Spoiler, EcuTek Stage II tuned, Hi-Power SPEC-L exhaust
2005 Subaru Impreza WRX STi (stock)

My motorcycles:
BMW S1000rr BrenTuning Stage I
A moped.

Devices: iPhone 8
PC Specs: i7-8086K
GTX 1080Ti SLI
32 GB Ram
Asus ROG Strix Z270F

Upload schedule:
Usually at 4pm BST
Weekly, since I have no unfinished builds
Schedule is based on if I have free time or not.
Upload schedule is inconsistent.

Contact info
Steam: Steam
Kik: KamilleThaMan
Location: UK
Discord: Talisman#6344

Other stuff I play (From most played to least played)
Rainbow Six Siege
Battlefield 4
DCS World/Flaming Cliffs 3
Gran Turismo Sport
Playerunknown's Battlegrounds

Stuff I watch (and I recommend)
Macross Frontier
Agents of Shield
The Walking Dead
Hibike! Euphonium
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Toaru Kagaku No Railgun (A Certain Scientific Railgun)
Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam

My guitars:
Ibanez JEM Jr. Steve Vai Edition
Yamaha FGX800C
Gibson Les Paul 2008 Standard Heritage Cherry Sunburst
Fender ‘69 Reissue Mustang Candy Apple Red
Fender Japan Traditional ‘60s Stratocaster Rosewood 3-tone Sunburst
ESP Guitars M-II Roselia Sayo Edition

Future plans:
None ATM

More facts:
Got a kiddo now
I have 2 pets, Harley and Milo.
I like cars.
I started playing this game around late 2015 (or 14 idk)
I am married.
I play the guitar.
I like tea.
I’m British-American.
I can speak 3 languages, English, Deutsch, Japanese.
I’m a weeb.

Semper fi.