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I make toys to play with.

In the works is a very special replica that might be well-received, but will likely not be fully appreciated by most. Proper scaling has thus far been very successful. And then I hit a wall.

So, I'm also making something that sorta resembles an F-22 Raptor.

I might be a little old for this site (I don't know), but being on a gaslight list gives me plenty of time and no life. So I fill it with this.

Wasn't going to mention that here, but WTH.

Milestones of no consequence:

@ChallengerHellcat just put me over into Silver on 1/28/20. I better start upping my skills.

@ChallengetHellcat is also my first ever follower. As my friend @Mustang51 would say, "Cheers, mate!"

@SkyHunter made the first successor of one of my builds on 1/31/20 with Next Gen Platform Jet Mach 1.9+.