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DPS Aircraft Manufacturer Wikipedia

DPS Aircraft is a company that works in the public transport and space travel sector!!
DPS Aircraft Manufacturer is a company that works for the good of mankind. Your goal is to transport people safely, economically, cleanly, efficiency. A company that is developing crude ways to change the world, so that soon there will be no extinction of the human being.
A private company, created by X-Games Simulator or can also call Danflash Evolution!!


The DPS Aircraft Manufacturer appeared to create a faster form of transport, and the DPS-Skyline emerged, a way to reduce the time of aircraft Journey. Your project was a faster plane than Aerospateale Concord.
That's why the name came up DPS (Danflash Power Sonic). That name was the object that defeat the Concord.
But the DPS Aircraft Manufacturer began to explore realizing that it was no good to create more efficient engines. And after a while, the company began to create its own engines.
The company starts thinking about the future of the world. And that's when the company started investing in electric engines.
Another goal is to reduce the number of pieces in Simple Planes!! So that all the jugadores can enjoy my constructions!!


DPS Aircraft Manufacturer
DPS Means Danflash Power Sonic!!


  • DPS-300 Fire Fighter Aircraft: Coming soon
  • DPS-250 Super Eficiency Aircraft
    : Done
  • DPS-CB70 High-efficiency buses : Done
  • DPS-T100 High-efficiency : In process
  • DPS-230UDP (Upgrage Design And Performance] Passenger aircraft: 0%


Look here

I make engine for Aircraft


  • Request a engine for me
    ----_Give your aircraft to make the engines. But why? I need to, because to verify that the size of the engine is compatible with your Aircraft !! Or tell the size of the engine through the fuselage.

----Say the type of engine you prefer, example TurboFan, Turboprop, Afterbunner, etc.


-----Say whether you want your Aircraft to come already with the engines fitted, or let you Mount the engine in your Aircraft

-----Leave Credits

You need help? So come on !!!