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DPS Aircraft Manufacturer Wikipedia

  • Slogan: The future begins Today
    Danflash, The Sonic Power

  • Company Name; Danflash Power Sonic

  • Second company name: DPS Aircraft Manufacturer

  • Date of foundation of the company: 9/06/2018

  • Industry: Trucks, Buses, Spacecraft, Space Satellites, Trains, Jet Engines, Aircraft

  • Founder: Danflash Evolution

  • Thirst: Portugal, Lisbon🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹


  • DPS-300 Fire Fighter Aircraft: Coming soon
  • DPS-260 Super Jumbo Ultra Efficient: Concept
  • DPS-250 Super Eficiency Aircraft
    : In process


Look here

I make engine for Aircraft


  • Request a engine for me
    ----_Give your aircraft to make the engines. But why? I need to, because to verify that the size of the engine is compatible with your Aircraft !! Or tell the size of the engine through the fuselage.

----Say the type of engine you prefer, example TurboFan, Turboprop, Afterbunner, etc.


-----Say whether you want your Aircraft to come already with the engines fitted, or let you Mount the engine in your Aircraft

-----Leave Credits

You need help? So come on !!!