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Hi there, I'm NoGo Cars ( previously known as Crashfighter05) and I can't make a plane to save my life. I mostly make vehicles, and heavy ones at that. I Like to build Large trucks and RVs. I was introduced by Strikefighter04 in October of 2017, and have played most of that time since. I've bought this game 3 times, and that $23 was worth it. Yeah, this game is the 2nd best I've ever played. Thanks for reading!

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Have 100 Followers - 10/19
Make a semi better than Strikefighter04 - good 'nuf - 8/23/2020
Play for one year - 10/1/18
Play for 2 years - 10/1/19

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Favorite Song - Take the Long way Home - Supertramp
Favorite Company - NoGo
Favorite Activity - Licking live electrical wires

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"Every poo poo time is a pee pee time but every pee pee time is not always a poo poo time."

Previously known as CrashFighter05