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Hello Simpleplaners (I think I spelled that wrong) I'm CAMAE (pronounced KAH-may but say it however you like) and I've been playing simpleplanes way longer than I've had this acount. I love my fat cat even though hes evil an is probably plotting to kill me. These days I don't find simpleplanes as fun or exciting as I used to but I still play it from time to time. The main problem with simpleplanes is there is not much to do in the world.
I mean I still like the game unlike my mashed potato tablet.

Upcoming projects (aircraft):
Remake Greyhound

Upcoming projects (tanks and ground vehicles)
M5A1 DMG model (almost done just needs more polishing and debugging)

Fit = Fighter
Int = Interceptor
Bmb = Bomber
Atk = Attack
Ngt = Night fighter

Previously known as Gingashyengineering