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so sorry I haven't updated this in a year

MY quote

"When You hit a Builder block,Take a break and savor every minute of your life... then go back to the fun that got you builders block." :Botfinder

Special section

special thanks
Anti ship weapons

it comes down to inspiration quotes

I never did anything worth doing by accident, nor did any of my inventions come by accident; they came by work. -Thomas Edison

What simple build is this????(not simple)

alt text

When I post:

When ever I feel like I want to upload a plane.

My dream-

to build awesome tech and really cool builds. It's not about the looks some times but the performance of my builds.

About Bot-corp:

I'm the owner of Bot-Corp (a fictional engineering firm). It's like the stark industry of simple planes.

We specialize in advance weapon, and advanced fighter technology. We act as government if a country need a power stabilisation, plus we act as a military force.

We create some very high tech vhecles like- B-CSAS JACK

I'm pretty Random and I creat experimental designs.
alt text

What I'm thinking about:

Updating my old projects

Current projects

Some new fighters and bombers (don't expected much)

Help full link

hex color cheater


The Coalition

Apply here

current state: active



B-CINF (bot-core International Naval fleet)- guards the seas.
B-CPM (bot-core private military)- you know who they are.
B-CSAS (superior AIR Support)- gives air support to every combat organization.
B-CPSA (Petroleum Security Agency)- protects oil depots.
EPDF (Earth planetary defence front): protectors of earth. Formed to help keep the peace, and enforce pollicy on exo-planetary colonys.