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  • New Website Feature 1.6 years ago

    Can you add a new rank? The numbers demand it.
    Silver at 5 x 200= 1,000
    Gold at 5 X 1,000= 5,000
    Platinum at 5 X 5,000=25,000
    New Rank at 5 X 25,000=125,000 :)

  • Guess I'm Back... one year ago

    I am glad you cut the drama. You got so many negatives on your F4u because instead of your rudder, the entire vertical stabilizer rotates on yaw. And your agility is exaggerated, not to mention super-mega-STOL ability.
    Do you expect praises for that? Ofcourse you got negative comments, because you didnt bother to test your plane before release. If you did, you would have noticed the rudder issue and the stuck LG.
    I gave you tips, not hateful criticism. I get criticism because my Ho-229 is 0.14 meters higher than it should.
    I understand negative criticism is not pleasant, after you worked hard on something. But instead of a drama queen, take it like a man. Debate and learn from it.

  • GAMF-02A Camille 1.5 years ago

    People, you get more nudity and sexual content looking at a commercial or walking on a beach. Or a cartoon. (I just remembered the Sailor Moon girls from my childhood)

    This is the female body, deal with it.

    This is a replica of a girl android, with some fictional/fantasy elements. What do you expect? Dressed like an Islam woman?
    From your point of view, Venus de Milo statue (Naked Greek goddess statue with no hands) should be banned and destroyed... Those Louvre dudes are promoting nudity.

    PS: amazing "engineering" skills

  • DesignerSuite 3 months ago

    This mod with FineTuner and Overload are the three Musketeers of the SP

  • Dassault Mirage 2000C 2 months ago

    I tested this and all I will say is that your flight model is not fantastic

  • Aerospace Engineer Bundle 8 months ago

    I repeat myself, there are some very simple, but vital tweaks for 1.8 that will improve the game. We can do tank tracks, heli propellers and other stuff. But we need
    1. Inlets with no bottom for hollow fuselages (there are already rear/front thickness properties for inlets)
    2. Transparent option for parts. Select in the color panel transparent feature (like flat, semi-gloss, gloss). Multi-select or x-ray appearance is good.
    3. A gun with cannon properties (Sound, muzzle flash, explosive shell for tanks lovers)
    4. Brake key not cutting the engine power
    5. Engines gradually loosing power above a certain altitude
    6. Under Water propeller
    7. Double input rotators/hinges/pistons to create elevons, all moving tailplanes, flaperons, trim-tabs etc...

    Anything else we can build.
    I hope my suggestions are not too complicated to add to game code or to test. And devs will take some of them in consideration. Thank you!
    PS: i know people are asking for a new island, but i am good with sea level mod to create new landmarks.

  • Chance Vought F4U-4B Corsair v2 one year ago

    This plane looks amazing and livery is spot on. I like how you managed to get the cockpit shape which is very difficult to replicate.
    I am very sad to say that functionality is disaster... I will only address major issues:
    1. Super-STOL it can takeoff in less than a second.
    2. Rudder is stuck, instead the leading vertical stabilizer is rotating instead (also the real stabilizer is visible though fuselage).
    3. Massive auto-roll
    4. You tail wheel doesn't retract.
    5. Insane agility, it can do turns in a hangar

  • Horten Ho 229 one year ago

    One funny story told by my grandpa, who was a soldier during WW2... how the support personal in nazi occupied territory used to sabotage Luftwaffe aircrafts.

    Most of nazi planes were moved by railroad and assembled at arriving destination. All the bolts, screws, clamps etc were in a plastic bag. So, instead of removing a few bolts, the personal added one :)
    After the plane was put together by nazi engineers with the "help" of local personal, there was always confusion about that remaining bolt. So, the logical conclusion was that engineers forgot to put it where it belong and the strict scrupulous/thorough german technicians/officers refused to clear the plane for flying

  • Hauptkampfpanzer der Grenzparameter 14cm Modifikation des Schmalturms Auf Kampanzer das DefCorp 1.1 years ago

    The glorious moment when the title is longer than description...

  • B-24 D [42-72843, no. 24, Strawberry Btch] 11 months ago

    you focus too much on non-essential elements (like painting) and you ignore the most important aspects of the plane.
    So, you make a very nice woman drawing, long text, but look at those flaps/ailerons.
    Messy, basic, very poorly shaped.
    Kinda commercial vibe, cause you picked some angle photos to hide those issues.
    You post too often either, there is no decent period of time between your builds.
    So, it's obvious you don't research too much and you don't spend enough time to improve your builds. If you don't know how to make nicely shaped trailing edges, there are some good players with different techniques (you can find them on the in the first several pages of users). You don't need to imitate their technique, but you can inspire from them and develop your own.
    To level up as a builder, to become a top builder, you must focus on quality, not quantity.

  • Your face when you upload a stuff that has over 500+ parts count and anybody care about 5 months ago

    i don't get it, what number of parts has to do with build quality?

  • Concorde SST 2 months ago

    I am shocked there are so many parts in this. With just a basic livery and no interior.
    Flight model is ... problematic. Plane glide ratio is worse than a brick. Starting in air, no engine power, it decelerates dramatically to 50 mph in a few seconds. Like it hits a wall. Such a big plane should have a lot of inertia
    Probably because of this. Drag Points 28956
    The real thing Gross weight: 245,000 lb (111,130 kg) while yours is just 10 tons.
    Acceleration is incredibly strong, is more like a fantasy spaceship. It accelerates on runaway faster than a Formula 1 car, just with the default throttle.
    Power/Weight Ratio 8.739 omg....
    Not to mention that is 24m longer than the real thing.

  • Chance Vought F4U-4B Corsair v2 one year ago

    @AdlerSteiner i gave you tips, not hateful criticism. And if you cannot take negative comments, you are weak. Probably this game was suppose to be fun, but you must earn those joyous comments. So, cut the leaving drama, chill, get a break and, if you are in the mood, start working on another project.
    For a plane with a lot of functionality problems, you scored quite high, 56 upvotes, so there is joy there

  • My apology for not saying anything. 1.5 years ago

    I have 151k and i am not in any chat groups. Honestly, i think you people take this game too seriously. It's about the pleasure of building, researching, testing your creation on the field. No community duty, no competition.
    Too much ego and drama.

  • Misha one month ago

    1. It's a funny photo
    2. I like bears
    3. I like planes
    So why not?

  • EXTREMELY DETAILED BOX 11 months ago

    Is there an IQ requirement to upvote this masterpiece?

  • HVRCS-3 one month ago

    OMG, manners on this forum! Are you an alien, mister?
    About the build, you mastered the concept. Well, it wasnt that complicated, the only hard thing was the wheels connection, position and rotation.
    Functionality is excellent, this thing is fun to drive around. A bit wild on water. It handles obstacles well, is capable to make land-water transition with no problems.
    I like the body shape, has a futuristic vibe.
    Too spartan, if you ask me, you should have added some details. How many parts your android can handle?
    Overall, great build. Congratulations

    PS: Electric you say? That's why is so silent? Cool :)

  • Stealing Parts and Retaliation (+ cool photo) one month ago

    I believe people stealing planes, assuming 100% credit, should be banned. Directly. They are thieves and belong anywhere but not in this community.
    People stealing large sections from other people planes should be warned with a strike.
    From my point of view, thieving should not be tolerated.
    If somehow, successor system fails, is ok to give credit in description. If you don't do that, obviously you lack manners and have an ugly personality.

  • Mach ring 2 months ago

    @MIKEESE the parts you used, 35, most of them nozzles. To reduce the impact of performance (loading time and lag in sandbox), there is a part property called "CalculateDrag" that can be set to "false" (like disabledCollision, massScale etc). This way, the game doesn't take that part in consideration when calculating drag for flight model. It's very useful for builds with a lot of parts, you can feel the difference, especially on less powerful platforms.

  • Did Dllama4 quit? 4 months ago

    He asked a moderator to temporarily ban him,so he could focus on some real life activities. Apparently he cannot resist SP temptation, knowing his master is there.

  • Lockheed F-104J Eiko 1972 one year ago

    @Mostly it doesnt fly good at all. The flight model is a joke. This plane, which is notorious for its poor turn ratio and handling (at low speed) in real life, flies like a F-22 on steroids. Ruined

  • My apology for not saying anything. 1.5 years ago

    When i eat pork, i will think about you. I promise

  • Audi RS5 DTM 2014 one month ago

    @AWESOMENESS360 is good enough for a feature, despite little functionality problems.
    @Juanfly154 you have good skills in car building. Still, you should work with wheel traction settings. Side traction low if you want the car to slide/drift more, side traction higher if you want to go like on rails, Formula 1 type.
    Also, very important to restrict max speed. 300 mph is not realistic for a DTM car.
    If you still want to keep a high torque, go for high engine power, but edit the wheels "maxAngularVelocity". Default is 300, for 160 mph, should be somewhere under 100.
    And blank description for a windows player means (lets say) you don't love your creation enough.
    Overall, Great job!

  • Messerschmitt BF-110 C-1 Nachtjäger one month ago

    Hm, not much to complain about this. Maybe the nudging on swastikas on rudders (FineTuner with increment of 0.001 helps), roll rate a bit too high for a heavy fighter, cockpit view. Also landing lights should be automatic, input=-LandingGear.
    Otherwise, there are a lot of positives on this plane, it looks and flies great (Even for my maniac standards), except it rolls too fast. Also flaps pitch too much the plane even at 100mph (just nerf them a bit.). Enjoyable to fly around.
    Landing and takeoff is easy, LG suspension works.
    Tracer gun color/density (Green) is historical accurate, i don't know what's the idea with the yellow one (since the other guns fire white, small bullets)
    Resolution of the first photo is poor. A quality build like this doesn't need fancy presentation.
    Wings are sexy, tabs are moving as they should, glide ratio is good, canopy is good, maybe the bars are a bit too thick.
    Part count is decent.
    Build is excellent, it deserves a spotlight


  • About my MULTIPLAYER doppelgänger! 2 months ago

    @Freerider2142 trolling and hating are the new religions

  • About my MULTIPLAYER doppelgänger! 2 months ago

    @YourWife i understood this guy annoyed some players by using weapons in MP. If you're gonna upset people, have the guts to do it being yourself, not using other people identity as a shield.
    This guy is a coward.

  • [WEBW] CF-18 3 months ago

    @jamesPLANESii oh well, i only said in that tutorial that a common mistake in SP is to paint WAR planes in showroom or flashy liveries with a lot of eye candy.
    It will be absurd to see a plane like this equipped with missiles and flying in a war zone. With that red, it will be a lovely target on the sky to shoot at.
    Meanwhile, as a showroom plane, that is an interesting choice. Too bad that builder didn't test it before release.

  • About featured crafts. 6 months ago

    please just test the creation before featuring.
    I've seen so many broken planes getting featured.
    Also do not feature anymore planes with solid wings with no visible control surfaces like that Mig. He put more effort on those red stars than wings.

  • Spitfire F Mk IX 7 months ago

    @AWESOMENESS360 you just don't get it, right? I know the creator, after 3 months of work, is not happy when he gets criticism. Is not pleasant. He probably thinks: "This douche again, is here nitpicking my plane, making it look bad and ruining my mood. Probably jealous or just mean"
    The truth is that a criticism comment helps more than a 100 compliments. Because after i showed him that blueprint match (twice, he asked for a second), trust me, on his next build, he will check the little wings too, not only the big ones.
    I improved from criticism.
    For example: (you can find those planes in my list, check the comments)
    1. On my U-2 Spyplane, i've learned from ChichiWerx how trim-tabs work and how they should look/perform in SP. I was doing them so wrong.
    2. On the OV-1 Mohawk, i've learned from WNP78 about something i always neglected, the glide ratio. I was testing my planes only with engines on. But if i turn power off, the plane starts to fall like a brick.
    3. On the A-10, plane i considered to be perfect, i've learned not to use airbrakes as trim-tabs. Cause when an airbrake is inverted, it decreases the overall drag making the plane go faster.
    So, from these 3 criticism comments, i've learned a ton more than hundred of "OMG, such a beauty". And i don't care about upvotes, if the build has a 100 or 5, because i know most of the upvoters just looked at photos, didn't download and fly it.
    Apologies to Wizard for spamming on his page, feel free to remove the comments

  • goodbye guys + explanation 7 months ago

    let's be serious.... fictional/replica ratio is overwhelmingly high.
    I make replicas and other max 20 players. I mean replicas by at least attempting to recreate the real thing following blueprints, specs, major details.
    The rest of 100,000 players is making fictional or basic builds that don't count as replicas.

    The need for decorating the plane is up to debate (i don't like it either), is mostly for upvotes.
    But this community expertise, implicitly the upvotes, is equal to a chicken IQ... a plane that is basically a statue and impossible to download for 90% users will get a higher score than a functional plane with a good flight model. Most users here have no clue about landing gear position related to COM.
    Upvoting system is based too much on social crap and less on build quality
    People will upvote a plane that looks good on the photos, but won't upvote a plane they downloaded and had fun with it in the sandbox.
    For me, the number that counts is the download count.

    About leaving, i don't get the need to explain/justify to anybody. Mostly for drama and need for attention. If you are not having fun playing this game, nobody is forcing to build/post. This is not a job or a life style.

  • E-100 with Rheintochter R1 11 months ago

    Visuals 9.25

    • Advanced custom body painting (camo). Base grade/note 9
    • Lack of logos/insignias/text -0.5p (i know, they don't exist on photos you searched on internet. Still, considering Hitler fixation with wonder weapons and super-heavy tanks, he would inspected this personally, so i am quite sure his army symbols would be present just to fuel his ego)
    • colors are too bright for a realistic camouflage. For that green for example, you used M=0.65, while a 0.2 would look more pale. Wrong code for the brown. Because your colors are too vivid, the tank looks like a toy or a propaganda tool, than a war machine -0.5
    • Camouflage pattern + 1 p
    • Mirrored camo elements -0.25p (i just want to be super picky)
    • Tracks +0.5 just because they exist, the tank looks much better than SP builds with wheels only.

    Construction 8.75

    • Advanced custom build (everything is custom) start rate at 9
    • tracks shape is smooth, still you missed a section where the track is not angled properly. Yellow mark on this photo -0.25
    • Some overlayed surfaces with Z fighting/Extra mirroring. Red mark on the Photo -0.5p
    • No collisions disabled for launching installation, to prevent missile getting stuck. Just to be sure you don't have any issues is recommend to disable collisions on complex moving parts. Like control surfaces on aircrafts, launching platform, custom weapons etc. -0.25p
    • You copied my tracks system from my Sherman with Calliope. Still, the single shock connection works there because weight is 50,000 lbs. Here is 125,000 lbs, so there are some problems. You need an extra support arm for suspension. -0.5p
    • Custom missile is just beautiful and well made. Same for launching platform +1p
    • You can save parts by not mirroring elements, just put them in the middle and make them wider to be visible from both sides. -0.25p
    • Cockpit just doesnt belong there. Cockpit is for driving. I would understand if this was a flak and you wanted to see where bullets go, but no need for a guided missile. A camera there would do just fine. -0.5p
    • Tracks system +1p

    Functionality 8.5

    • Starting rate at 9 (advanced build with a lot of custom functional parts)
    • In several positions of the platform, missile is interfering with tank body, causing explosion and a nasty collision -1p
    • missile is very stable, easy to handle and maneuverability is plausible +1p
    • No edit of wheels angular velocity, so speed keeps increasing to 50+ mph -0.5p
    • Also you need to edit the brake torque of the wheels, so heavy braking will no put the rear end into air -0.5
    • Tank pulls to the right on forward movement -0.5 (you can fix that with dead weight to the other side, angling a bit some wheels, editing traction etc)
    • Tracks system handles the terrain very well. No problems with kerbs and bumps. Tank feels very good. Slow and heavy. +1p

    Accuracy/design 9

    • Starting at 6 for everybody
    • Length, width, speed are matching the real thing. Speed of the real thing is 25 mph, your is around 30-35 (but the heavy turret is missing) +0.5
    • Weight of only 56 tons is too light. The real thing has 140. I know the turret is missing, but still a lot of weight is missing. -0.5
    • Overall construction and functionality of the tank matches the real thing +1
    • Missile is almost identical to real thing, it looks and performs great +1
    • Explosion blast is plausible +0.5
    • Variable health edit of sections +0.5p

    Impression 8

    • A lot of work put in this, practically 2 builds (tank+missile) +1
    • Colors too intense, tank looks made of plastic. You ignored my suggestion -1
    • Some flaws because lack of experience -0.5
    • Excellent project choice +1
    • Enjoyable to operate, reasonable number of part +1
    • Good description, no links :( +0.5


    of 50
    Rating not final, might adjust it. Feel free to object with arguments and civilized language

  • [TSAD] VF-21 Courier 1.5 years ago

    @jamesPLANESii i am sure you're gonna love this landing gear

  • New Website Feature 1.6 years ago

    @AndrewGarrison only green color is available from acceptable spectrum of colors (pink, violet excluded!) Blue, red, yellow. silver, white, black, brown are taken.
    You can name the new member rank VIP, Chief or Guru :) Or if you like to keep the precious metal line, Titanium :) I believe steel is the best metal, cause it's the base of your civilization.

  • New Website Feature 1.6 years ago

    @Aarons123 aren't already enough notifications? Do you want for comments too? :))
    @ForeverPie you can check your points, i didn't see any change in my case.

  • Most likely Quitting one month ago

    I wonder why is so hard for some people to be polite? If you are using someone parts, concept, idea, why is such a big deal to say a simple thank you. That doesn't downgrade you as a builder, nobody will think less of you.
    Mannered persons are more appreciated/liked too.

  • New Team Member one month ago

    No surprise here, WNP78 is a wizard with this game "insides"


  • Ahhh.. .. .. Russian one month ago

    this is how you check your gun barrel is clean....

  • Mirage 2000 5 331st Squadron one month ago


    • Actually, there should not be elevators/ailerons at all. Check the Cutaway 79, 123 and 128. Mirage, like other delta aircrafts, uses elevons.
    • Plane has a significant auto-roll when pitching
    • Roll rate is too slow for a supersonic jet
    • Trimming causes a massive auto-roll either
    • Insane short take-off
    • Loaded Weight is only 3 tons, while the real thing has Loaded weight: 13,800 kg
    • No LG suspension (not even the basic wheel suspension)
    • There are some problems with LG doors, not covering the LG housing properly

    There are some more, but i don't want to be accused of being toxic or worse.
    Making a replica is hard, because on fictional nobody cares about specs and performances. Have a nice day

  • Stipa-Caproni 4 months ago

    @LordSatan best comment :)
    It's easy to make an ugly plane, but is not so easy to make an ugly plane look cool :)

  • Spitfire F Mk IX 7 months ago

    ok... i checked again.
    I used these F Mk IXE blueprints
    Blueprint match

    I don't like to criticize and point out mistakes, especially on builds that took time to build. Is not pleasant, so i appreciate your mature attitude to accept criticism. Hopefully, it will help you improve.
    I don't usually upvote planes with problematic functionality, but that beautiful cockpit deserve a vote.

  • Boeing B-29 Superfortress from 505th 7 months ago

    real thing has
    Empty weight: 74,500 lb (33,800 kg)
    Loaded weight: 120,000 lb (54,000 kg)
    while yours is less than half.
    Wing area of the real thing is 161.3 m²) while yours is 2.5 larger...
    so, doing a simple calculation, your plane is 2.5 x 2= 5 five times more agile than it should.
    That's why is doing loops just with the pitch.
    Friendly advices: when doing replicas, just follow the specifications, like you did with the sizes.... But follow the wing area, weight, max speed. And stall speed.
    If those are right, you should adjust the DRAG POINTS. I see you have windows, so that will be easy using the OVERLOAD to edit the drag scale of the parts (check the red ones in drag vision of the editor, also the biggest parts have more drag).
    This way you get the glide ratio right. Start at Yeager Final Approach location, no engine power and see if you reach the runaway. Adjust the drag (symmetrically on both sides) until this happens. Your bomber is doing this, it reaches the runaway. But it can do loops, which is a problem for a ww2 bomber full with bombs.
    It should stall before half the loop. For that you should adjust the maxDeflectionDegree of the pitch control surface (default is 35).... somewhere 10,15 or 20.
    These are just friendly advice, something to consider on your next builds.
    Listen or don't listen, is your call.

  • Tupolev TU-22 M3 one year ago

    Too bad you didn't research enough on this build.
    Tu-22M3 doesn't have ailerons on main wings. It has all-moving tailplanes.
    Also it is way too fast, acceleration is exaggerated.

  • The superb IRONY 1.2 years ago

    @Rodrigo110 i saw your building style in some of @samg32332 buids :))) Btw, I am a smart troll, not a childish one like you!

  • A PSA about Identity Fraud: Addressing the "Death of Mattangi", and my Reaction towards the lie. 1.3 years ago

    I am so tired and bored with Mattangi story.
    I just don't care.

  • Custom Cockpits: Yea Or Nay? one month ago


    • They belong there.
    • They are pretty.
    • Brings upvotes.


    • High part count
    • A lot of fake/dead instruments
    • No windows, some jet cockpits look like canopy was ejected
    • Effort focus on non-essential elements, people tend to ignore important aspects (if i a nice interior, the fuselage, wings, flight model etc doesn't matter)
    • Technical difficulties (if plane has an auto-roll/yaw problem, those issues can no longer easily fixed with a side-mirror)

  • Beluga 3019 2 months ago

    @belugasub it's a spaceship.... did you see a space ship with conventional wings and vertical stablizers? Not to mention elevators? Those are useless in space, ship steers with directional thrusters. Learn to use rotators and wings for all moving tailplanes/canards. Rotators with no mesh are even better

  • FW-190 C 2 months ago

    " to delight you with my works again."
    The modesty, Hahaha!
    Btw, right navigation light should be green.
    ZERO DRAG POINTS.... is just impossible to slow it for a proper landing speed.

  • S-400 Triumf Missile Air Defense System 2 months ago

    This looks fantastic, very detailed and realistic. Suspension works very nice, truck is fun to drive off-road. A bit too "agile" for a heavy transport with AA installation (90 mph max speed and exaggerated steering, it turns better than a F1 car). Didn't test the missiles.
    I like the little details in this build, the AA installation is also great.
    Quality build. Congrats!

  • Lockheed F-104 Starfighter v2.0 3 months ago

    Hm....i believe you can do better than this. Not very realistic flight model. This plane in real life has a very poor turning rate, but yours turn like a F-22 on steroids. You also forgot the leading edge flaps (54) (i recommend google for cutaway photos when building replicas), also significant auto-roll when pitching (because main wing symmetric airfoil).
    Also poor blueprint match

  • [TUTORIAL] Easy methods to get a PLAUSIBLE replica maneuverability ! 4 months ago

    @randomusername yeah, do 0.6 at 1 mach and pilot will be kebab