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Welcome to my page

Proud member of SPMC

Moderator of the SPBC discord chat.

Some cool GIFS for cool purposes.

I love military aviation, especially Naval and Stealth aircraft. I don't upload every day, or every week, but I upload when I feel like uploading.

What creations can you expect from me?
Well, that's simple, I love building all kinds of things, such as: bombers, tanks, stealth fighters, naval fighters, trainer aircraft, pretty much everything except for pre coldwar era stuff. If you have any suggestions for a creation just hit me up and I'll see what I am able to do.

Current project:
I am currently building the Grumman F-14D Tomcat. It will be my most detailed, most functional and best creation so far. It's completely paneled and I will try to include every detail of it. It will probably be out in December.

My favorite creations that I built are in the 'Highlights'.