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  • Why isn’t Tully a mod anymore? 1.1 years ago

    the sp community fought back after all the posts he removed and after a truly brutal match in hand to hand combat we successfully stole his mod title from him and split it equally, now all of us are 0.0001274% mod and can thus remove 1/100000th of a build
    congrats guys we did it

  • Weapons? 2.9 years ago

    like if youre here in 2018

    like more if youre here in 2019

    like, dislike and then like again for all the likes if youre here in 2020

    i am totally gonna update this annually

  • The secret of the Brown Pearl 1.9 years ago

    dear devs: i challenge you to set up an easter egg like this, but make it so it only appears on a random user's computer, only once, and dissapears if you pause the game. oh, and add a message that just says "no one will ever believe you"

  • I think there’s a lawyer in our website guys... 4 months ago

    and then sheard law firm made a plane far better than any of us could have and became the top player on the site
    we all live in fear of the most powerful divorce lawyer and online airplane creator in the Greater Toronto Area

  • trust issue... 2.6 years ago

    is single engine
    do not ask questions

  • hello im new to simpleplanes 1.1 years ago


  • Advertisements one year ago

    now lets see if these ads are targeted


  • Hello 1.2 years ago

    is this
    elon musk
    elon mosque
    elon musket
    elon muskrat
    elongated musky

  • A historic moment for the SP website... 2.0 years ago

    i like how the number is also saying lol

  • @Mattangi is a LIAR 2.8 years ago

    Say this was true.
    Say he lied about everything and is still alive, and posting on his account.
    For what POSSIBLE reason would he need to fake his own death?
    For points in simpleplanes?
    To make some grand return?
    Don't be stupid. Nobody does that.
    All you've done here is make a dead man look bad, and that really is about as disrespectful as it gets.

  • All legends someday die 1.1 years ago

    andrew garrisson rose up and stuck his mighty fingers upon the breathtaking keyboard to write tully the following holy message:

  • How do i stop my plane from Tokyo drifting? 1.8 years ago

    stop playing running in the 90s while testing

  • Why the current system of our site is not fair. 2.1 years ago

    Just pointing out to add to his point: I built pingu the penguin in about fifteen minutes and it currently has around 50 upvotes I believe
    People who work this hard and put actual time and effort into builds should get more upvotes, but the way this site currently works they don't because people like meme builds. I feel this is where features could help. Even being featured for as little as one hour could allow for those legit builds to gain an advantage and help simpleplanes to remain a game about planes, rather than being 50% random bizarre stuff like it seems to be these days.
    Of course, by no means am I saying stop upvoting my dank memes. By all means keep doing that

  • Why Sully is the most unrealistic movie ever. 2.2 years ago

    how dare they even release this movie with such huge errors, its disrespectful to those involved to come up with your own version of history

  • Hill Climb Racer 2.7 years ago

    that spoiler is so big, it ruined infinity war

  • I'm 5 5 months ago

    fantastic you are now legal drinking age

  • September 11, 2019 1.5 years ago

    kinda bothers me that as of now kids born after 9/11 are gonna be turning 18

  • Ducking hell 1.7 years ago

    sorry sir this is a christian minecraft server so no swearing

  • You Know You Play too Much SP When... (2.0) 2.7 years ago

    - You wonder what this "space" thing people keep talking about is

  • Ladies and gentlemen, we did it 1.5 years ago

    its not even the best on the site lmao
    there i said it

  • Role Play Responsibility 1.8 years ago

    the "what happens in the server stays in the server" rule makes me wonder what kind of rp yall are having

  • ok this is epic 2.0 years ago

    “Where’s the kid who called my mom gay!”

  • The First Ever Working Steerable Torpedo 2.2 years ago

    not gonna lie, i just removed the upvote i had on this so i could upvote again to give you yet another notification

  • When will the next update come for ios 2.2 years ago

    upvote this comment if you agree with the below statement!

  • #PrayForJT610 2.3 years ago

    why do i always hear this stuff from simpleplanes instead of the actual news

  • Uh Oh... 2.4 years ago


  • A Game Security Weakness 2.4 years ago

    heRE WE GO BOIS, SIx bANS iN a RoW

  • Hi 2.6 years ago


  • Dare me anything on SimplePlanes website. 2 1.5 years ago

    this is a forum that isnt gonna end well
    selects the thing to recieve a notification when this post gets new comments

  • Make The First Comment The Highest Upvoted Thing in SimplePlanes History. 2.0 years ago

    @ForeverPie i would participate but thats the wrong link

  • You can spawn copies of yourself... 2.1 years ago

    You don't have the power to face the me army

  • The SimplePlanes site needs a new feature 2.1 years ago

    accidentally deletes literally everything due to phone glitch

  • New website feature 2.3 years ago

    dang, i knew the devs were working hard on update 1.8, but i never expected it to be as extensive as this

  • [Teaser]Lightning’s heart F136 GE600 Svtol Type (post on tomorrow) 2.6 years ago

    part count stops displaying number, just reads "all"

  • trust issue... 2.6 years ago


  • USS Beast Pre 1.8 (1:1 Scale Replica) 2.7 years ago

    i dont know why this exists but now i wanna see a gif of a multiplayer game in which six of these ram the real beast and blow it up

  • calculator 2.9 years ago

    You spit in it?

  • Dumbbell 3.1 years ago

    This could have been done in six parts
    It took you 975
    OpTiMiZaTiOn At ItS fInEsT

  • Tide Pod 3.1 years ago


  • NEW PART that can take the game to another level. 1.1 years ago

    ok but

    what if we had a flat surface like a wing but when you go to angle it it curves instead of just rotating, so by changing its shape you could make virtually any curved surface to do complex shapes like the b2 spirit bombers blended fuselage

  • Adjustable Airspeed Indicator 1.2 years ago


  • Human stupidity amuses me. 1.6 years ago


    "a great way to make a profit"

  • Nice GA Challenge you got there, @EternalDarkness..... It would be a real shame if I were to crash it. 2.1 years ago

    Somethings wrong, all I see are pics of the real one

  • help 2.3 years ago

    flex tape

  • How do i un block myself? 2.4 years ago

    The simpleplanes community is filled with only the most intelligent people

  • Yay! 2.4 years ago

    fastest upvote in the west

  • My friend made this s&@t 2.8 years ago

    The greatest plane of all time

  • For everybody without an account. 2.8 years ago

    It's like this on all sites. Compare YouTube views to likes and comments for example

  • How to become a Mod in 6 EASY steps 2.8 years ago

    @JackTheBestBoss also you forgot make at least six alts, all of which upvote your own planes
    (Tried an alt, though I mainly intended to chat with myself using it for the lols, and maybe other people, but it was permabanned)
    (The fact that I created it while already banned didn't help much, Tully sure loves me)

  • What are your best jokes? 3.0 years ago

    My wife asked me why I had a shotgun in my hand.
    Decepticons I whispered.
    I laughed.
    She laughed.
    The toaster laughed.
    I shot the toaster.