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hi, welcome to my page

Firstly, I'm Hnin Ei Lwin. I live in Myanmar, Shan State, I'm currently 18 years old. I uploaded planes every 2 weeks

Secondly, My planes might not have the same built-style. Here's a logic
Have a livery/camo? = Less details
Very detail? = No livery other than a simple paint job
Very detail and have a livery? = no

THIRDLY, you can find me on discord [Fukhead#5093] and YouTube [Aviation cheesecake]. And yes I use TikTok and Facebook but I won't give the user since its personal use.

Fourthly, I still use old building techniques

Friends (no link search them by yourself)

Erc = I'm going to say it, He's better than me at building, go show him some love

NoeLayChan00 = Burmese to Burmese

Th3rmoplylae = B hole

Superstink = used to help each other with builds and stuff

Phoebe = Miss you

Previously known as Ponethiglawy, Totallyaname, Aviationcheesesticks