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I am a lazy and miserable 5 years old who just so happens to like aviation.

What is expected from me
Low effort copies of other people's builds. I make them fly worse just like in real life. Rarely do I embark on the journey to building a plane from scratch. Most of them end up being replicas due to my lack of creativity.

If you’re expecting high detailed high parts replicas, forget it.
Scant, Proportional, Exacting, Dimensional. SPED, Exactly what I am.

Oh, and apparently I can XML on iOS. (not now.)

Planned Aircrafts

British Colony of America
General Aviation F3F
Bristol F2B

Grumman Gladiator
Farman Barracuda

Hispano-Suiza Hs.123
Henschel He-51
Henschel He-112 and it’s variants.

Mitsubishi Ms.404
De Havilland D.500 or something

Morane-Saunlier A5M
Kawanishi Ki-10
Kawasaki N1K and it’s variants.

The Rightful Territory of Japan Since 1905
Martin Glenn MiG-3
Potez I-5 or I-15
Yokosuka Yok-1

Fairey Cr.42 or Cr.32
Mikoyan C.200 or something