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Hi I’m still trying to upload planes but I’m still making planes just trying to get more ideas so I can build more planes rather than download but I’m not really new to this game I never had an account in 2014

Plus Im nice
And I’m a mobile player so don’t expect me to have really great builds

I’f you wanna friend me on roblox here is my username “altaccount080” even my roblox account is poor so dont expect me to have big bobux cause I’m poor

Plus I’m on IOS so please get more mods for IOS

I have 0 bobux so I’m rich

My account on this site join around July of 2018

If you wanna check out my YouTube channel that I’ll upload soon which is “Kc Jared studios”. https://www.roblox.com/users/1413691303/profile <— my roblox account (link)

I can finally upvote some builds
30 points at 1/12/21
please download and upvote my planes thank you :3

Previously known as Jared727