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Arado Ar-880 Wüstenfuchs

31.1k FranzPeterSiegfried  12 days ago
Auto Credit Based on mikoyanster's Area88Challenge

Introduction year: 1984
Manufacturer: Arado

Sorry guys my account just traveled to another computer with me and I still cannot find the upload with screenshots mod

An F-15 fell in love with a MiG-29 and have a child in Germany???


The Arado Ar-880 is a multirole fighter developed from the MiG-29 of the Luftwaffe. During some drill combats against the Israeli Air Force they found that their F-15 Eagles are somewhat better than the MiG-29 in some aspects. So they decided to modify their MiG-29s with technics of the F-15 Eagle, which turned out to be the Arado Ar-880 Wüstenfuchs, which means “Desert Fox” in German. This plane turned out to be a great success during the conflicts between the eastern block and the western block.


1 for 50mm anti-panzer high-rate cannon
2 drop rocket pods
3 drop all bombs
4 refueling pipe
5 parachute
6 lights
8 canopy
Unit cost: 45,000,000 USD


1 the paint job is based off german fighters during the WWII in North Africa theatre
2 the name is inspired by Erwin Rommel

Warning: graphics might glitch on low end devices

-Gery Livery-
-bug fixed-


General Characteristics

  • Predecessor Area88Challenge
  • Successors 4 airplane(s) +7 bonus
  • Created On Windows
  • Wingspan 37.7ft (11.5m)
  • Length 59.3ft (18.1m)
  • Height 14.0ft (4.3m)
  • Empty Weight 17,537lbs (7,954kg)
  • Loaded Weight 35,432lbs (16,071kg)


  • Power/Weight Ratio 2.283
  • Wing Loading 32.8lbs/ft2 (160.1kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 1,080.4ft2 (100.4m2)
  • Drag Points 7036


  • Number of Parts 472
  • Control Surfaces 3
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    Thanks @Mustang51

    +1 9 days ago
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    20.6k Mustang51

    This is really cool! I think this is my favourite one of your builds

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    12 days ago
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    11.6k JolyLoly


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    We can use this to create some stories about things happened near the Berlin Wall for our RP

    12 days ago
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    10.5k Noname918181

    @FranzPeterSiegfried lol

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    1,The Germans own MiG-29
    2,The Germans have drill combats against Israel and the Israelis have F-15@Noname918181

    12 days ago
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    10.5k Noname918181

    Basically, an F-15 failed no nut November because of an MIG-29?
    Boy, their love story must be like Romeo and Juliet, their parents are enemies yet they are falling in love with each other

    +1 12 days ago
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    IDK too@Trijets

    12 days ago
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    5,398 Trijets

    Lol why is everyone merging two aircraft and calling it a day? 😂 (I was boutta do the same thing anyway I shouldn't talk)

    12 days ago
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    Thanks@edensk @MrPorg137

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    6,602 edensk


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    5,215 MrPorg137

    Very cool!

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