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Mi-28NM "Havoc"

8,245 matickrmelj  12 days ago

Mil Mi-28NM "Havoc" (prototype OP-1)

Presenting russia s latest "Night Hunter", featuring excellent maneverability, speed, control, armament and protection.

how to fly

As this helicopter is quite simple to get airborne, no such activation groups are needed. All you need to do is put the throttle to 100% and VTOL up and away she goes!
-Maximum colladeral is limited, so putting VTOL all the way up wont result in an unrealistic climb rate or RPM drop.

You can activate both gyro-stabilization and the turret by activating Ag2.

Once you have done so, pitch and roll will control the rotation of the turret.


-16x Ataka-V ATGM
-1x chin-mounted 30 mm Shipunov 2A42 cannon
-14x S-13 rocket


Climb rate
-At the start of the climb, the airframe should be able to climb a maximum climb rate of 50ft/s, or 15m/s. It reaches 1000ft or 305m in 20s. That is on par with the data IRL. The speed of the climb will increase during the climb, hitting its peak at 60mph - 26m/s. That rate of climb wont be sustained, as the airframe tends to slip and lose its vertical speed in favor of horizontal. (thats why there is such a diference between the actual rate of climb and the maximum climb speed)

-The maximum speed of this helicopter is 170mph or 273kph, but it should be 200mph or 320kph. You can regard it as maximum cruise speed, in that case it is perfectly correct.

-Maximum altitude is 21338ft or 6503m. The actual service ceeling is 19 000ft or 5700m. But the current service ceeling takes 27min to reach so that shouldnt be a problem.

The Havoc carries 450Galons of fuel. The IRL Havoc has a maximum endurance of 2h, yet mine can last 15.9h for some reason.

Thats all you really need to know, now go out there and have some fun!


General Characteristics

  • This plane has been featured
  • Created On Windows
  • Wingspan 52.2ft (15.9m)
  • Length 67.9ft (20.7m)
  • Height 18.2ft (5.5m)
  • Empty Weight 23,327lbs (10,581kg)
  • Loaded Weight 26,352lbs (11,953kg)


  • Power/Weight Ratio 10.233
  • Wing Loading 1,243.5lbs/ft2 (6,071.5kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 21.2ft2 (2.0m2)
  • Drag Points 9756


  • Number of Parts 598
  • Control Surfaces 0
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    8,245 matickrmelj

    @ Blue0Bull
    Thank you for your spotlight!

    Pinned 12 days ago
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    Your a person of taste WE see, your builds and communist interest is good, long story short, noice.

    +1 5 days ago
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    8,245 matickrmelj

    @Mikey101234 i could do that, but at this point, it doesnt really matter. As big as the difference between 15 and 2h is, nobody is going to fly for that long.

    5 days ago
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    1,640 Mikey101234

    I meant to make the mass and drag be zero and add pairs of 2 engines counteracting each other@matickrmelj

    +1 5 days ago
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    8,245 matickrmelj

    @Mikey101234 yeah but then the performance would be off.

    6 days ago
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    1,640 Mikey101234

    You can add extra, countering engines With 0 weight and drag to the helicopter to get to the 2hour endurance

    6 days ago
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    8,245 matickrmelj

    @ReignSUPREME really? i didint know that. Thank you!

    6 days ago
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    Nice one but remember you can only tag 3 user in 1 comment,others will not be mentionted

    6 days ago
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    54.2k Blue0Bull

    sick build

    +1 7 days ago
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    8,245 matickrmelj

    @Lazer22 Im not sure, its either this or the Ka-52

    8 days ago
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    Is this War Thunders russian best helicopter?

    +1 8 days ago
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    1,313 Alta2809

    So cool! Love this build, very alike to the real one

    +1 9 days ago
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    2,842 WolfSpark

    I love the design, highly. But the functionality and flight characteristics are not very good. Also the turret, and the tail are incorrect. But either way, it’s good.

    +1 11 days ago
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    98.0k MAHADI


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    29.3k CRJ900Pilot

    Very nice!

    +1 12 days ago