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Henschel Hs 129 B-3 Duck

5,120 X4JB  17 days ago
Auto Credit Based on belugasub's Ducc Challenge! [25 upvote prize]

Henschel Hs 129 B-3

This is my replica of the Hs 129 B-3. I made it for Belugasub's Ducc Challenge. I also included some variants.
If you wonder why this is a duck, the nickname of this airplane is the Duck. Probably becuase it looks so derpy and it can quack REALLY loud.


-Armament: 1x offensive BK 7,5 75mm autocannon | 2x offensive Mg 17 7.92mm machine gun | 2x offensive Mg 151/20 20mm autocannon
-Engines: 2x 519 hp counterrotating 14 radial cilinder engines
-Top Speed: 380km/h (236 mph) at the deck


-1:1 realistic shapes thanks to the DesignerSuite mod
-Custom Primary Wings
-Flaps that break
-Realistic recoil system on BK 7,5 with knockback, recoil and cartridge disposal
-Ez 42 holographic sight
-Minor Decals
-Realistic Armament Performance
-Semi-Realistic Flight Performance (SimplePlanes limits superrealistic performance)

Controls and Action Groups

-AG 1: Activate Air-Air Armament (MG 17's and MG 151's)
-AG 2: Activate Air-Ground Armament (BK 7,5)
-VTOL: Flaps (These only break, they dont improve lift, so don't use it on takeoff)
-Trim: Vertical trim


The Hs 129 B-3 was a german luftwaffe ground attack aircraft first builded in 1943. It wasn't produced that much (only about 35) but the ones that were made were fairly succesful on the Eastern front in destroying Russian tanks, like t34's and KV's. Some Hs 129 B-2's were fitted with BK 7,5's as well, which basically made them B-3's.


So I made a few variants of the Hs 129 B-3:
-Henschel Hs 129 B-3 Winter Camo
-Henschel Hs 129 B-2 Summer Camo
-Henschel Hs 129 B-2 Winter Camo

About me... personally

You know, this definitely isn't the best plane I could've built. TBH, IMO it isn't even that great. Still I think that making this plane was really essential for my SP career.
I got a damned habit of putting way too much work and time into my planes to make them as perfect as possible. But this sadly doesn't mean that I post awesome planes; this just means that I don't post any builds at all. When I put too much time into a single plane, I get burned out with it. For example I got awesome half-finished planes like a bf-109 E-4, fw 190 A-5 and fw 190 D-11. I just cannot finish them.
I had to do something to break this habit, so I decided to build something really fast, quick and messy; that has become this plane. I started off really motivated and I knew this was going to greatly impact my SP workflow. I made the fuselage and the cannon in a single day.
Then it was time for the wings, this was where I fell back onto my old habits. I made the wings way too complicated and spent almost two entire days on them. If I kept up this amount of detail I would just lose motivation and give up.
Then after two days of not working on it at all I realised this mistake and started to change the process. I decided to quickly build the engines, rear wings and vertical stabiliser. I just used the stock landing gear and wings, but this was needed for my tempo to remain at a high level.
I realised that I had done it, and that I would finally be able to post another plane again. Of course there was still some detail work to do, but I was motivated for it and finished it in two days.
I really am grateful to all the people over on the discord, you guys were such a help to me and pulled me through. You probably think I am exaggerating but I truly wouldn't have been able to finish this plane without you.
After this build I hope that I can finish some other more complicated planes. See this as a steppingstone between milestones.
Thank you all!



General Characteristics


  • Horse Power/Weight Ratio 0.12
  • Wing Loading 22.3lbs/ft2 (108.8kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 409.7ft2 (38.1m2)
  • Drag Points 6868


  • Number of Parts 273
  • Control Surfaces 9
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    I like the tv cockpit

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    10.6k Axartar

    @X4JB Likewise

    12 days ago
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    5,120 X4JB

    @Axartar Ik trying to break this habit with my upcoming build.

    12 days ago
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    10.6k Axartar

    You build like I do I have a half finished M10 tank, a nicely done cockpit with no plane and the list goes on

    +1 12 days ago
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    49.2k Tessemi


    16 days ago
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    39.0k Kimcotupan15

    Nevermind the blueprints match!

    Everyone is making D U C C S

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    2,886 stig27

    The holo sight system tho

    17 days ago
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    Ducking beautiful

    17 days ago
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    Good ol panzaquacker

    +1 17 days ago
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    7,026 Gameboi14


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    5,120 X4JB

    @Mmdben Yeah, I kinda like... already knew it was coming. So I was prepared :)

    17 days ago
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    2,992 Mmdben

    that was quick.

    17 days ago
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    5,120 X4JB

    @belugasub @attestedark

    17 days ago
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    5,120 X4JB

    @Carbonfox1 That only is the case when they are still, SP does this if you change the direction of the rotor. It is reallistic that the rotors spin in different directions, so I did this, but SP ruined it xD

    17 days ago
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    1,890 Carbonfox1

    Your engines are offset, other than that it looks good

    17 days ago