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97.3k RailfanEthan  6 months ago

oh yeah, red and green, it's like some holiday

acquire your baby sized rear ends today

(weird how rn the red one has 71 downloads and the other 3 colors have 0)


Update on 470
I've been working on the boiler. I've solved a issue relating to cornering. Part of it was a wheel was poorly attached (as in, nudged too high), and it needed more weight. The tender frame has been added, and it's weighed down enough. Max speed has been set to around 70mph, i might beef it to 85mph. After the general shape of the boiler is completed, I'll add the cab and then other small details, like lettering (yeah, you read that right), truck details, etc.

Also happening in real life, the locomotive has been undergoing restoration at the Down East Scenic railroad. It's expected to be in operating condition around the end of next year. dank.