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Help with wires

1,024 Natedog120705  3 days ago

I need help. I need to build A LOT of wires for a build I am making but it already took me a couple of hours to only make eight, and I have to make like twenty.

So I need someone to answer with a little experience in making little things. What I've been doing is I've been using REALLY small fuselage to make wires and it takes a long time. So if anyone has tips, tricks or, anything that I can use to make these faster than it will be very helpful.
Thank you!

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    Add the little rectangular prism device so they all originate in the same place.

    2 days ago
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    Ok thx

    3 days ago
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    Always keep a "pallete" of spare parts floating off to the side of what you are working with for that build. Any time you need a new one, simply mirror it to the other side for spares. :)

    +1 3 days ago