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A helicopter from me! : #2

131k RussianAce  10 days ago

I read the recommendations in the previous post, and I was very surprised that my forum post had 35 upvotes so far, well...

  • I won't do 30mm cannons in the chassis of the helicopter, that's nonsense.

  • I won't make turrets for the helicopter, it's not a combat vehicle, it's purely a cargo vehicle.

  • But, I have implemented some of the recommendations from Leehopard, except, like, glazing for... the crane operator? But come on, I don't think it's too critical.

  • At this point I also reduced the size of the main landing gear struts of the helicopter.

I think that maybe the helicopter is more or less ready, and I can release it today at 6:00 pm Moscow time or 11:00 am New York time.

Good luck!


(X-Files sounds...)