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So heres a Idea I have for a Update to the game.

12.8k Botfinder  one month ago

It's not a Parts update but a UI Overhaul.

As it stands, the current User Interface for the game is abit outdated, and I think it's time it gets overhauled.

My suggestion.
•New buton layout.
•New home screen appearances.
•Improved tags.
•Some form of Game designer UI redesign.

Feel free to give out more ideas.

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    Or just do a recolor so its new but familiar.

    one month ago
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    The current Ui is fine, I wouldn’t want it to be like simplerockets 2 where you have to go through all kinds of menus just to precisely edit fuselages and rotate parts

    one month ago
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    13.0k rexzion

    no bruh

    one month ago
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    10.3k Strucker

    I'd like it to be somewhat the same while looking more modernised, and also the ability to have invisible flight controls on mobile so those Screenshots look better.

    PC is superior in screenshots.

    one month ago
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    14.3k BagelPlane

    Err no thanks I’d take a long time do adjust to a new interface. It took quite a while back when they shuffled the nudge stuff up.

    +1 one month ago