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I have successfully achieved 4 Years.

12.8k Botfinder  8 months ago

Man looking back through the years I seen alot of amazing things from the community. I seen new members achieve their goals in a short period of time, ot to participate in a Atlas-SP Thunderdome (eventhough I lost to FranzPeterSeigfried it the second qualifiers), continued to build my aircraft, I did loose the ability to use mods (just like every one in the android community), I even seen the drama that is completely unnecessary, I'm still the same old gold level user but I'm completely fine with that.

I want to thanks the community for everything, without you none of this is possible. It's off to another year.

P.s. I'm currently doing research into ordinances used in the US military, for a weapons package that I didn't include in my P-113 war eagle